How to Give Your Home The Personal Touch

We tend to think of our homes in two separate terms: the functionality and the aesthetics. The functionality is what ensures that it has everything we need to live well. The aesthetics are what makes sure that it looks the part, and that it’s in line with modern standards. But there’s another element, too — the personal side. While every home will become personal to the homeowner if they live in it for long enough, it’s recommended to make a conscious effort to incorporate the personal element into the design and decor of the property. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a few useful ways of doing just that.

How to Give Your Home The Personal Touch

Bring Your Personality

First thing’s first: add your personality! Everyone has their own interests and personalities, so make sure that it’s represented in your home. All too often, homeowners focus on trying to make their home look as good as possible objectively. That is, they want the house to look like it’s fit for an Ikea showroom or something. But you’ll have your own tastes. Are they represented in the home? It could be that you like the outdoors, in which case, natural materials would make sense. It could be that you love tech, in which case a modern, futuristic design would work best. It’s all about whatever works for you, in the end. You have so many options when it comes to decorating and redesigning your home that you need to think about each one carefully, for example do you want a wood fire or a gas fire? Would you like granite work tops or something completely different?

Family Heirlooms

A lot has had to happen to get to where you are now. Your ancestors have all lived to get to this point! And your family, too — they played a significant role in getting to you to this place. So why not look at honouring them in your home? If you’ve got family heirlooms, then make sure they’re taking pride of place on your shelf. We all tend to focus on what’s coming up ahead, but it’s important to acknowledge where we’ve come from, too. Plus, it’s a great way to get your kids interested in your family history, and it’s always a great conversation starter when you have guests over. 

Belongings on Display

Also think about the items that you have a personal attachment to. We mentioned earlier how you should bring your personality to the fore, and this is one of the ways to do it. We’re just talking about small things. Let’s say, for example, that you love music. Could you put one or two of your records on display? Or if you have a hobby — let’s say, juggling — then you could have those items on display. Art also makes for an excellent decoration, especially if they include your family. Got some great photos of the whole gang? Then put them on canvas prints, and put them on display. If you’re an artist, then you could even work on a piece that’s specifically designed for your house. Art on the walls always looks great, and even more so when you’ve made it! 

DIY Projects

When it comes to the furniture in our home, most of us just go to the store, look for what we need, and make the purchase. But there is another option, too. You can make it yourself! Now stay with us. Most of us think the idea of building, say, a table is a little difficult — but it’s much easier than you might think. While you can build the whole thing yourself, another option is to take a used table and bring it back to life. With a few carpentry skills, you’ll have the option of restoring it to its former glory — indeed, perhaps even better. This is about more than just saving money (though that is a benefit too), it’s about making something that gives you pride. It’ll certainly make the house feel more like “yours” when you’ve got items that you had a hand in building. Of course, we’ve mentioned tables specifically there, but it could really be anything you like. 

Your Favourite Scents

Finally, let’s think about scents. We all have our favourites! In the home, we tend to focus on the look of our home a little too much. It’s all good and well when you’re taking photographs, but there are other aspects of the house to think about too. The smell will set the tone and can really make a property feel more inviting and cosy. When you’re searching for one, think about the moments that you most enjoy, and look for a scent or candle  that reflects that moment. There’ll be ones for summer breeze, ocean waves, things like that. If candles aren’t your think then try wax melts instead. 


Don’t have a boring old home that could belong to anyone. Make it yours! By taking the tips above, you’ll have a property that well and truly speaks to your personality, and which feels like home.

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