The great bedroom debacle

When my husband and I first found out we were expecting our eldest we were shocked to say the least, I was still at University and working part time and we lived in a tiny two bed terraced. Despite the initial shock we soon came round to the idea that two would become three and my much loved study would have to be transformed into a nursery, albeit a small nursery, but a cute little nursery all the same.

Some months after his lordships arrival we realised that our gorgeous bundle of babyness might be teeny tiny but the amount of baby paraphernalia he seemed to require, was more than our house could take. Add that to the fact that we knew we wanted to turn 3 into 4 pretty sharpish to avoid a big age gap, even if it was years ahead of our “life plan”, and our cute little two bed was feeling more like a rabbit hutch everyday.

So we put it up for sale.

Life never goes the way you expect it to and 3 did indeed become 4 before we sold the house. You can imagine the scene

Two small bedrooms, two large adults, one tazmanian devil of a toddler and a milk munching poo machine, oh and a dog, I forgot to mention the dog! A bouncing, playful, full of life boxer.

We were literally living on top of each other and definitely sleeping on top of each other. Especially when both boys would wake at 3am and all the will power in the world had dried up and left us with 4 in a bed just to try and sleep, or at the very least stop the screaming, usually mine not theirs.

Fast forward 6 months months and we managed to find a house and sell ours. A house that had enough bedrooms so that our boys would never have to share a room again, our experience in that department so far had been the stuff of nightmares and we were adamant we would never force them to share.

Our boys are now 6 and 4. They have a room each, we even have a spare room they can play musical bedrooms with if they really fancy it. But what do they want? What have they begged us to do for the past 6 months? Yep you got it, share a bloody room! I couldn’t believe it!

We put them off, we talked them out of it, we discussed the positive (just one) and negatives (lots), hell we even  ignored them. But no, they wanted to share.

So last weekend we had a major clear out and created one play room and one bedroom, which they now share. Due to our enormous reservations we were not banking on this working and we certainly weren’t rushing out to buy state of the art bunk beds. Instead¬†we created our own. Unfortunately, every time I check on the tiddler he reminds me of Harry Potter in the under stairs cupboard. The eldest is still on his high bed but the poor tiddler really looks like the Harry Potter of the family with his toddler bed shoved underneath. Has this deterred them? Has it heck, they love it!

Are bed times a breeze? God no there a nightmare, talking, laughing playing, plotting, scheming and eventually sleeping but they seem happy so I guess they win.

We are now on the hunt for some duel sleeping arrangement where one child can’t declare he was unloved and made to sleep in a baby bed shoved under his brothers lovely, large comfy bed when he’s 18. Although I am sure the minute we assemble said furniture the boys will fall out and declare they never want to see each other again, let alone share a room, kids hey!

So if you have any storage saving, co sleeping, funky boys beds options that you can recommend please do share.


  1. Haha sounds like a right adventure!
    My kids are like this all of the time – swapping and changing. At the moment they are squished in the smallest room, with my son on the high sleeper and his little sister on a mattress on the floor shoved underneath. AND THEY LOVE IT! The bigger room is their play space though thats debatable as toys are strewn all over the landing, stairs and car! Kids are funny! #ordinarymoments!

  2. My girls are six and almost four and they’ve shared ever since baby brother arrived and kicked my littlest miss out of the nursery and they love it. We’re thinking of moving in the not too distant future to be nearer to their school and my job and whenever we talk about it they’re adamant they’re going to be sharing again!

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