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Day out at Loggerheads in North Wales

Over the last 18 months my husband and I have come to realise that the best days out with our boys are those spent in open spaces. We can admire the scenery whilst the boys can be boys, run, jump, climb and be noisy without fear of judgmental looks from others. We have also discovered that living only 20 minutes from North Wales is a huge bonus as they have loads of amazing and beautiful places to discover. Last weekend we headed over to loggerheads for the first time.

Loggerheads country park is based in Denbighshire near Mold and despite living only down the road from there for the past 10 years we had never actually visited, now I feel it will become one of our favourite places.

We were unsure what to expect when we arrived and the weather was threatening to be a wash out but as a mother of boys you soon learn that mud and rain won’t harm you and it’s best to just get your boots on and get stuck in, so that’s exactly what we did.

We walked from the main entrance to the devils gorge and had lots of fun on the way. We discovered a number of statue animals including a bat high in the trees, some caves that were very inviting for my 6 year old but unfortunately have danger signs up to avoid you going inside, which was probably a good thing as my 3 year old was convinced that a bear lived inside and made us walk past in silence in case we woke it up! Goodness know what he would have done had we been able to go in to explore better.


We also found a number of brookes and on the way back the children enjoyed a little paddle and stone skimming session and watching other peoples dogs running in and out chasing sticks.


I would highly recommend this little gem to anyone, from those with families that want somewhere to burn energy, climb and discover to those that enjoy walking and admiring the views of the country side. There is also a hill top walk that looked inviting but I wasn’t feeling brave enough to take the boys that high up into the unknown so think I may need a little child free visit first to test the path.


what is your favourite day out?

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