A bedroom makeover with Valspar

After realising we had made one of the biggest parenting fails of all time we have now finally separated the boys and given them their own bedrooms. One of which has now had a lovely new makeover thanks to Valspar.


The big one has moved into the front double bedroom, which was our spare room, and he has taken the dreaded bunk beds with him. Although he is under strict instructions these are for occasional sleep overs not so his little brother can sneak back in and cause havoc every night!

The room was very mismatch before and every bit a dumping ground, with blue carpet, purple curtains and dull cream walls, so it needed a full transformation and an injection of colour, which we allowed the big’un to pick himself.  We went along to B & Q and looked at all the colours available, with valspar it’s a little different as they don’t have shelves full of paint, instead they have coloured cards for you to choose from and then they make the paint fresh for you, or if you have a specific colour in mind they can create the perfect match for you.

After much deliberation he chose a bluey/green shade for the walls to go with grey curtains, bedding and accessories. The lady in B and Q was brilliant with the boys, she showed them how to make the paint and talked them through i,  which fascinated them and kept them quiet whilst we waited.


We hadn’t used Valspar paints before but I had noticed that they were a bit more expensive than our usual brand and wasn’t sure if they would be worth the extra but I can tell you that they absolutely are. The paint is such good quality and every wall required only one coat and dried quickly.


We are all so happy with the finished room and it’s safe to say we are definite Valspar paint converts now, which is probably a good job as now the tiddler is requesting a full bedroom makeover too, so watch this space!



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