Can Forest Feast help my children eat vegatebles?

I sometimes find it difficult to get my boys to eat fruit and vegetables, especially the big one, he likes peas and ….erm…yeah peas just about covers the veg selection. So, like a lot of parents I know I have taken to sneaking them into his meal, sometimes successfully sometime not so much and I am always on the look out for new ways to try and entice my children to up their 5 a day regime, so when Forest feast got in touch and asked us to sample some of their healthy snacks I couldn’t resist, not just for the children but for me as well as I have certainly become a lot healthier  since starting my Forever Living business.

Forest Feast sent us a wonderful bag full of treats to try and both boys dived straight in to see what had arrived. Like most kids they spotted the chocolates first and asked if they could have some (ha winning already) so I let them try the mango covered chocolates and the big one devoured them with the tiddler not so sure.

Over the next couple of days we all tried various snacks from the bag and the mango chocolates were definitely a firm favourite for me and the big one. The tiddler couldn’t get enough of the Louisiana Hickory Barbeque street food which contains peas and nuts and the flavoured crunchy coated peas.


Never in a million years would I have chosen these items in a shop for my children, the flavours are amazing but relatively strong and some are spicey, who knew by 3 year old had a taste for hot street food. From now I will be adding chocolate mangos and crunchy peas to our shopping list for healthier snacks but if you ever meet my children please don’t tell them as the naughty mum I am I may have lied just a little and told them they were special sweets and chocolates but hey a mum has to do what a mum has to do.


How do you get your little ones to eat vegetables?

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