The 2016 bucket list – revisited

So last January I wrote a bucket list of sorts, 17 things that I wanted to complete before 2017. But truth be told I wrote this list and then completely forgot all about it, in fact I don’t think i actually looked at it again, not once, until now.

So at the risk of highlighting just how useless I am and how bloody pointless bucket lists are if you forget you ever wrote one, lets see how I actually got on.

1. Climb a mountainNOPE, I did not manage to complete this, even though it is something I still really want to do. 

2. Have 3 date nights away with my husband (no kids). WAHOO I think we actually managed this. We had three awesome consecutive nights in Scotland at the Mains of Taymouth with no children and a hot tub, so I think that counts. We also had a lovely spa night away at the Hilton in Chester that was bought for us as a joint 30th Birthday gift. 

3. Go to the races. NOPE totally forgot this even made the list, whoops.

4. Complete a fitness challenge of some sort. YES I managed to run the Manchester 10k  with my best friend and mum and as a family we completed the Claire House colour run and  my husband cycled 300 miles for children in need. 

5. Have a mini holiday with friends and family – That would be another nope I am afraid. 

6. Return to university to progress professionally WAHOO I am currently studying again, not at University but at a college on a teaching qualification so I am taking that as a yes, or at least a work in progress. 

7. Update my blog weekly  – Now this was just totally unrealistic!

8. Take the kids to Disney land or book for next year – We never got to go and we haven’t yet booked, however this is very much on our to do list and we are working hard to make this happen in 2017, so watch this space. 

9. See the northern lights – Once again it’s a NOPE, didn’t happen I am afraid. However this still remains on my bucket list

10. To enjoy the great outdoors with the kids as much as possible (remove them from the technology) – Wahoo, I am taking a great big YES for this one. We have taken the children on many an out door based adventure day out including trips to Delamere forest, logger heads and the Wirral country park.

11. To give blood on a regular basis – It actually pains me to say this but NOPE. I did get as far as booking an appointment but due to unforeseen circumstances as was unable to donate. This is a must going forward into 2017, blood is so vital and it costs nothing but time to donate. 

12. To start reading again – YES YES YES. I can absolutely tick this one of this list as i have started reading again this year and once again have fallen in love with books. 

13. To make sure work does not take over my family and friend time. – hmmm this is an interesting one….. I would say that until about June i still had a work life balance that favoured teaching 80% to the 20% family and friends time i got, which is disgraceful bit I am sure nay teacher reading this can relate. However I would say that since the new academic year started in September I have a more 60-40 balance, still in favour of teaching some times but a lot more balanced. 

14. To laugh more and make others laugh (with me not at me, preferably) – I think i covered this one. I certainly have a lot of amazing memories to look back on form 2016. 

15. To make a real effort to be considerate to others and offer random acts of kindness. I think I may have improved on this a little bit but there is room for more improvement so I am going to say not achieved, again. I must confess that I forgot this ever made it on the list but I think it may be one that makes it to the new 2017 list too. 

16. See a west end showNOPE just never got round to it. 

17. To grab every opportunity that comes my way and say YES first instead of always saying NO followed by a lame excuse! – YES YES YES I have totally done this more last year and I have had some amazing opportunities and made some fantastic memories as a result of saying yes first instead of avoiding new situations. 


Okay so i think there may be about 7 that i can just about claim i achieved out of 17, which isn’t great but considering i forgot all about this list it isn’t too bad either. I hope i can write a more realistic list for 2017 and I will make sure I print it off and out it up in my office so I don’t forget.


Any suggestions?

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