Educational quizzes to help prepare for Key stage 2 and beyond

As a parent and a teacher I am a firm believer that education is important, children should be encouraged to learn both in school and at home. However, I am also a firm believer that education should be fun and that children should learn without realising that they are being taught or lectured at, the stress should be removed and the experience should be enhanced. From reading my blog you will know that I am often looking for engaging ways to help my children learn from educational board games to mapping our travels, so when I was asked to review Education quizzes I couldn’t wait to get started, especially as the big’un is currently practicing for his upcoming Key Stage 2 SAT test.


Education quizzes are an online resources that can be used by parents, teachers and pupils, either individually or together. It is a hub of educational activity covering everything from Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7) up to GCSE, in addition to specialist subjects and ESL (English as a second language) that can be studied at any age.

Personally I have my eye on their Spanish section as I have always wanted to learn a second language.

The two things that I like most about these quizzes are that

  1. They have been written in line with the national curriculum
  2. They have been written by teachers

To me this is important as I know that the quizzes are relevant and correct. They will help the children learn information that will be used in their classroom and for assessments in SAT’s or GCSE exams, helping us to make our children feel confident in these areas.

Although I try and help my children as much as I can to continue learning at home, what struck me when I was first familiarising myself with the site was that if asked, I wouldn’t actually  know what part of the curriculum my children should be learning at each stage, but with these quizzes being separated into key stages and subjects, I can clearly identify what they should be doing in class and work along side that to help them move forward.

As I said earlier, I believe learning should be fun and these quizzes can be used in that way, for us it means including them in our family games night and getting a bit competitive with them, mixing the maths and the English in with the more interesting quizzes such as nature, books and flags of the world but there are numerous way you could incorporate them into your routine.

If you are interested in using these resources you will pay a monthly subscription to Education quizzes of £9.99 and that will give you access to all the different quizzes. This is fantastic value for money especially if you have more than one child as you can access the different lessons and levels that they may require without paying for multiple access codes. You can also do the tests over and over again making it easier to track their progress and highlight the areas that need more support. Plus, once you have finished needed them you cancel at any time as there is no minimum subscription time.


What revision resources do you currently use to help your little ones learn?


  1. Although my boys probably aren’t really old enough for these yet I’m sure they’ll be great for Toby when he starts school next year. I’m a secondary teacher (French and Spanish) so there might be something in there that’s useful for me too 🙂

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