Meet our new addition

Since the tiddler could talk he has talked non stop about dogs. He would ask us repeatedly for a pet dog, a pug if possible but any dog would do, but we always said no.¬† You see, I’m not really an animal person, at all. They smell, they cost a fortune, they malt all over your house, they are one huge commitment and they have teeth, huge great big sharp things, so no, the answer has always been no.

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The big’un accepted this but the tiddler, although not asking for a dog every 20 seconds anymore, would still stop every dog walker he passed and ask if he could stroke their dog, meaning a quick trip to the local shop would take at least an hour. He also asked for anything dog related from stuffed dogs to tiny little plastic collectable bits of crap. He would coo over adverts with dogs in and ask to watch every film that featured dogs over and over, the number of times I have now watched Beethoven is ridiculous.

My husband, although standing by me and reaffirming the fact we will have a dog free home to the children, is in fact a dog lover too and grew up with boxers so will often indulge the children with dog talk and visits to family members just to see their dogs. So it came as no surprise when he suggested we stopped off at Kelly’s Kennels on the way back from Manchester to let the boys have a play with the puppies and totally out numbered I agreed. Although not before giving a strict speech on how this was just a “quick stop” and a “chance to cuddle the pups” reiterating the fact that we were under no circumstances leaving with a puppy. No chance. Narder. No.

BUT and this is a huge but. Whilst the boys were playing with the wired cocker poos and tickling the puggles I had a little cuddle with a very quiet and placid cocker spaniel, who the boys named buddy. He was adorable and just snuggled up on my knee and had a snooze, I think I fell in love! When it was time to leave the boys did so without a problem, saying good bye to all their favourites and promising them they would return and buy them when they were adults – total emotional blackmail.

We got home and I felt mean, I felt like I had left a child behind and my husband clearly felt the same way too as he dared to ask the unspeakable question “Do you think we should have bought Buddy?”. Instead of the usual daggers and eye rolls he would have received he was actually met with a simple “yes” and somehow that conversation led to us returning the very next day and buying our boys their very first puppy. Their very own best buddy.

So here he is everyone, meet Buddy.


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