I wish I had a Panasonic breadmaker

I love bread, I could eat it for breakfast, dinner and tea everyday. In today’s modern world there are so many different and wonderful varieties available from white to brown, sweet, stuffed and flavoured that there is something for everyone and every occasion.

I have always wanted to bake my own bread. When I was pregnant I would think about the future and fantasise about the smell of fresh baked bread running through the house as I loving home schooled my children and tended to our allotment and chickens but then reality soon kicked in and it’s all I can do to remember to buy a loaf of bread from the local shop between working, chasing my children and trying to differentiate between weeds and actual flowers in my garden!

But like with most things in the world today help is on hand. All I need now is one of these breadmakers by Panasonic and I will be able to bake some delightful breads with no stress or mess and impress all my guests with my culinary skills.  Like I said I love bread and would have endless fun trying out new recipes but if I could create any bread recipe in the world it would have to be…..

designed like a focaccia loaf

with blue cheese running all the way through the middle

with chopped pancetta mixed in

and caramelised onions crispy on top

This would then be served warm, cut in to solider style slices, with a mix of dips including hummus,  chunky tomato salsa and guacamole. The ultimate starter for any dinner party or better yet a sharing platter for friends on long cool evenings in the garden served with prosecco.


Or perhaps I would create a sweet bread

with a banana base

pockets of toffee folded in that melt whilst it’s cooking

and a thin layer of milk chocolate over the top.


hmmm delicious.

If you had a Panasonic breadmaker what would your perfect recipe be?



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  1. We have a Panasonic bread maker. It is amazing I have to say! We make pizzas from scratch every Friday night and you just whack everything in, and voila, 45 minutes pizza dough is ready for kneading and rolling out without any of the mess. Definitely recommend it!

    • wow that sounds ace and makes me want one even more. I have asked for one for Christmas so fingers crossed, that’s if i can wait that long.

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