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Supplicity is one of those business ideas that you don’t realise is needed until you hear about it, then it seems blindingly obvious and you only wish that you had thought of it first.


Supplicity are “ a new, helpful and easy way for you to manage your daily nutritional health regime.” Put simply they post out monthly boxes of vitamin tablets to you, but the best bit is they have condensed everything you need into just two tablets.

This simple idea makes life so much easier, no more traipsing round the stores looking for various vitamins wondering which ones to buy and how much you need to take, no more running out of different tablets at various times during the month and no more mornings spent taking 7 or 8 different tablets.

There are currently three boxes to choose from, priced from £18 a month.

Him – mens daily essential nutrition box.

Mojo – the daily essential nutrition energy box

Her- -womens daily essential nutrition box.

I was sent a 28 days supply of her. It consisted of two tablets to be taken once a day, one multivitamin and one omega 3 supplement. It also comes with an ingredients list so you can be clear on everything that you are taking.


This particular box claims to include focus and mood enhancers, immune boosters and have health benefits such as helping towards a healthy heart, skin, eyes, joint and brain function. It is very difficult to assess the actual benefits of these tablets on the inside but I can say that having completed my months’ supply I have noticed a difference in my mood and my energy levels. I feel a lot more energetic these days and as a result I have also increased my swimming sessions as I have felt less tired in the evenings.

On one of the days I did forget to take the tablets at breakfast so I took them before I went to bed, this was a mistake I did not want to repeat again as I found it impossible to get to sleep that night. So my advice would be make sure you remember to take them, otherwise skip a day.

I love how these can be delivered not only to your home but to your place of work if you prefer, making sure that you never run out and that they are wherever you need them to be. I found that these to be a really simple way of taking vitamins as usually I read an article claiming to promote the newest super food/supplement, give it a try, run out and then forget all about it. This way I can sign up and receive them every month and the best bit is they are designed by a doctor and a dietician so you can be assured that you are taking in the correct vitamins and minerals and the right amounts of each one.

As well as being an amazing and simple way for everyone to take supplements I feel that these would be especially brilliant for older people with memory issues who may not want to take lots of different supplements, especially as they are blister packed with the days of the week on to help with any confusion.


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