Personalised advent calendars

personalised advent calendars

This time next month there will be many an excited child opening up the first door on their advent calendar. Come to think of it there will be many a happy parent doing this too what with the increase in adult advents hitting the market.


When I was a child there were two types of advents, chocolate ones that we had every year or cotton ones that parents filled themselves, although usually still with chocolate i think. Nowadays however, there are ones that offer up a building block, a piece of stationery or even a toy car, or for adults you can choose from make up, perfume and alcohol, not to mention the cheese, beer and candles. There really is an advent calendar for everyone now.


However, if like me you are a sucker for tradition or simply a chocoholic and love all things personalised then this is the advent calendar for you.


Foto insight are taking your favourite photo, whether it’s of a loved one, a treasured pet, or the landscape of dreams and turning it into your very own personalised photo advent calendar complete with chocolate. For mine I chose a beautiful picture of my boys and one of my all time favourite chocolates, Kinder breno, but you could choose to have it filled with ferrero rocher or continental chocolates instead if you prefer.


I think these are a really unique idea and a great twist on the classic advent and I think that they would make great gifts for others, especially grandparents or relatives that live further away and don’t get to see the children as often, a different way to send them an updated picture perhaps.


These advents start at £9.99 and mine arrived within a week of ordering which I felt was fast for a personalised item and the quality looks brilliant, although I already feel slighly guilty at the thought of ripping open the doors on their face – but hey it leads to chocolate so I guess I’ll get over it.

personalised advent calendars


(I was sent this advent calendar in exchange for a mention on my blog, all opinions are my own).

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