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One of the things on my to do list this year is to organise all our family photos, either print them off and put them into albums or create photo books so that they are all in one place. I also want to complete our picture wall in the lounge where we have started putting some of our favourite snaps from special occasions and to have some others turned into canvas prints to put on the walls around the house.



When the boys were younger we had some professional photos taken at various points and these were given to us as prints which lead to be going little old school with the photo wall using the wooden frames, which to be honest I absolutely love now, however  I do also love the more modern canvas prints too and currently have two canvas prints from our wedding day, one in the lounge and one in my office as well as a lovey big canvas print of the two boys from our last holiday that was ordered for the lounge but has somehow been swiped by my eldest and is currently hanging up in his room.

canvas prints our wall of frames

This week as I make progress with cataloging our photos I have ordered a new canvas print of the boys from canvaschamp. Canvaschamp are an online company which i must say i prefer using than the walk in shop ones as I feel less pressure when changing the photo, re scaling it and then changing my mind and starting again in the comfort of my office than the middle of the shop. Canvaschamp are really easy to use and unlike some of the online photo companies you can request any size canvas print from small and cute ones to a lovely big canvas print to create a feature wall. They do have a selection of sizes available to click on and order so you don’t need to start thinking about measurements but if you do require a certain size to fill a particular gap on your wall then you can add those measurements and the canvas will be made to measure. In addition to this the price will also alter but instead of it shooting up for the made to measure ones, which is what i expected would happen it seems to fall in line with the prices of the sizes on offer, for example I ordered a 12×8 and this was priced at an incredible £7.19.


Canvaschamp is really easy to use and you can upload pictures from the computer, the gallery or even facebook. You can then choose how to position the picture to make sure the image is centered and just how you want it, which is great if the original picture isn’t exactly centered and you want to adjust it slightly. Then you can choose how to have the sides, I prefer to have the picture wrapped around the edges but you can opt for a white border if you prefer and that’s it. Simple, quick and affordable.

canvas print

My order took just under a week to arrive which I thought was good service and arrived well packaged so no worries about it being ripped or damaged in the post. I cant wait to put it up on the wall, preferably before the tiddler decides he wants it in his room to match the one in his brothers!



(This post was written in collaboration with canvaschamp, all words and opinions are my own).

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