9 Mind-blowing Hacks That Enhance The Vibe Of Hallways


Hallways are the most neglected areas in any home. Most people don’t see the hallways having any purpose besides a utilitarian one. The latest trend in the world of interior décor is upgrading the charm and vibe of the hallways. If you’re looking for ideas that will help you to give your hallways a whole new appeal, you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of tips and suggestions that are just what you need to enhance the hallway décor. Here’s everything you need to know:

Wall Paper For The Walls Of Your Hallways

One way to add color, charm and vibrancy to your hallway walls is by opting for wallpapers. You can get bright and colorful wallpapers that will add some life and character to space. A lot of people are now opting for creative and quirky wallpapers that have repeated motif print patterns, animal print patterns and other such patterns on them. Every few years you can change the wallpaper to give the surroundings a fresh and upgraded appeal.

Create Proper Storage Units For Your Boots And Coats

Hallways are typically used as dumping grounds for coats and boots and shoes and hats. Instead of creating a mess in your hallway by leaving all these items lying around, you can install proper storage units for these items. Shoe racks, cost hangers and other such items can be placed in the hallway so that the place doesn’t look like an absolute disaster. There are countless quirk shoe racks and coat hangers that you can get on many online shopping portals. If you’re looking for classic coat hangers, you can visit your local interior décor store to find some.

gray and white floral throw pillow beside rack inside room

Install Faux Landscaping Products In Your Hallway

Installing artificial interior trees and plants can give your hallways a natural and captivating vibe. You can install faux baby palm trees, artificial plants with flowers, dwarf palm trees and other such options in the corners of your hallways. The lush green leaves and the mesmerizing vibe of such fake tropical trees and plants can transform the dull and bland appeal of your hallway into a fabulous and fancy one. Your guests and visitors will be utterly impressed with the high-quality and realistic looking faux landscaping products. The best part about artificial landscaping products is that they need minimum maintenance and care. You don’t need to water these plants and trees, they will not deteriorate when exposed to moist or humid conditions and they are durable, long-lasting, lightweight and easy to install.

Add A Runner To The Staircase Of Your Hallway

If your hallway has a staircase, you can jazz up the staircase by installing a colorful and beautifully patterned runner. Nowadays, people are going all out when it comes to runners. From vibrant rainbow-colored runners to animal print runners, you can select any design or pattern that you fancy. These gorgeously printed runners will add style and uniqueness to the vibe of your hallway.


high-angle photo of spiral stairs with red carpet

Rugs And Carpets For The Hallway

Rugs and carpets can really add that much-needed oomph to your hallway. If your home has a modern and contemporary style theme, you can opt for rugs and carpets that have vibrant colors and geometric or abstract patterns on them. For people whose homes are more old school and classy, Persian carpets and Kashmiri rugs would be ideal. The rugs and carpets also play an important role in preventing echoes and sound reverberation in the hallway. For individuals with a limited budget, affordable rugs and carpets are available on many online décor stores.

Artwork Can Transform The Dullest Of Hallways

Beautiful paintings, wall hangings and tapestries, tribal wall masks and other such pieces of art can transform the otherwise dull appeal of your hallway. Installing such creative items can give the surroundings a whole new vibe. If you have a creative side to you, you can probably even make your own wall art for your hallway. People with a high budget can invest in a painting from a well-renowned artist. People with limited budgets can invest in less expensive paintings made by upcoming and budding artists. You can also purchase gorgeous tribal wall masks from local décor stores or if you happen to be traveling to exotic locations.


brown staircase

Paint The Staircase

If you aren’t particularly fond of runners, you always have the option of painting the staircase of your hallway. A lot of people are now using vibrant colors for their hallway staircases. You can opt for tropical colors like cerulean blues, summery yellows, sea-foam greens, cherry reds and so on. Always opt for a color that blends well with the rest of the décor. You can also opt for a rainbow-colored staircase or a multicolored staircase.

Add A Small Table With Showpieces

Placing a small wooden table against the wall of your hallway and filling that table up with stunning showpieces can really upgrade the vibe of the surroundings. You can opt for natural elements like seashells, polished driftwood pieces and so on. If you prefer to have something a little more solid and expensive, you can get brass statues, crystal showpieces and other such items for the hallway table.

Bookshelf For The Hallway

If you aren’t big on showpieces, you can always install a big bookshelf against the wall of your hallway and fill it up with books and magazines. There are tons of quirky styles bookshelves that are now being sold by many décor stores. Bookshelves that are shaped like trees, animals and other such options are available for you to choose from.

There you go, some interesting décor ideas that are totally worth considering for your hallway. These ideas are tried and tested and we guarantee that you will be utterly impressed with the results. A lot of these ideas are pretty affordable too and you won’t have to dig into your savings to transform your hallway. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to it and transform that boring hallway today!

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