How to Make Your Partner Feel Special

Your relationship with your significant other is utterly unique to you, and one of the greatest joys you could ever participate in. Still, special as the bond between you and your partner is, it can be very easy to fall into a rut. The phenomenon of ‘quiet quitting’ has extended to relationships – and, while it is normal for couples to find themselves taking their love for granted, the risk of it happening to yours is more likely in times of trouble.

So how can you course-correct? The simplest way to bring yourself out of that bad habit is to invest actively in your relationship – which means showing your partner how special they are to you. But what are the best ways in which to do this?

A Special Gift for a Special Someone

Sometimes the best place to start is with a gesture – and what better gesture than a gift? We tend to keep gift-giving to special occasions, be they birthdays or anniversaries, but something special can be that much more special for being completely unprompted. You might invest some cash into a nice timepiece, or a beautiful piece of jewellery, to show your love and appreciation with something of both monetary and intrinsic value. On the more austere end of the scale, a nice bouquet of flowers from a local florist could be a perfect impromptu token of love, there are so many gift ideas you choose from.

Quality Time Together

Those in longer-term relationships will know well the ‘drift’ that can happen, with regard to time spent together. The early months of a relationship are heady, and full of fun experiences. As time goes on, though, that fun and novelty gives way to the quotidian: the washing-up, the weekly food shop, the conversations about bills.

A good way to reintroduce that special feeling in your relationship is to re-address the kind of time you spend together. What would ‘quality time’ look like if things like household chores and childcare weren’t a part of the equation? What could you do together that sees you both present with each other, and enjoying one another’s company? Even a few hours of scheduled quality time in the same room, indulging in independent hobbies, can be revolutionary for bonding. Setting time aside to play a game together, or even cook something nice to eat as a team, can bring that special feeling back – though perhaps better if you do all the cooking!

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Random gift-giving and pre-scheduled quality time are by no means enough, though, to root that special feeling in yours and your partner’s relationship. Ensuring your partner feels warm, loved and appreciated is something you work on daily – in the small stuff just as much as the grand gestures.

That ‘small stuff’ could be something as simple as doing the washing up, or the laundry, unprompted. You could make sure to keep the house tidy for both of your benefit, so any quality time you do spend is unburdened by the weight of chores. Making your partner feel special is not a ‘top-down’ endeavour, necessarily; why not start with making their cup of tea in the morning?