How To Look And Feel Good This Winter

When the weather is cold and the evenings are dark it is easy to give up on our fitness routines and even let our skin care slide as we opt for evenings on the sofa with comfort food and a glass of wine instead and although this can be really nice at the time, in the long run we will most likely regret it. To help prevent the winter blues from resulting in poor skin, weight gain and a total loss of motivation I have some tips that take minimal effort but can make all the difference. 

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Increase your fruit, veg and water intake

 In winter it is so easy to turn to comfort foods and hot drinks but if you want to feel good then I highly recommend you keep a food diary for a week and then work on increasing your fruit, veg and water intake. It doesn’t have to b a full diet and certainly no restricting foods just a general increase in the good ones like adding fruit to your yoghurt, veg to your evening meals or even having a go at making homemade soups

Have a body MOT

By this I mean, check your weight, height and BMI. Book an eye test and a dentist appointment if you haven’t been in a while. Have a full body massage.  If you have any niggles, aches or pains that you have been putting off then go and get them checked by a Doctor. Knowing everything is working in tip top condition will definitely make you feel better this winter and will hopefully motivate you to look after yourself a little better.

Move more

This one always sounds obvious but again due to the darker nights and colder weather we often stay indoors more and move less. In order to feel good and energised it is important that you get moving. Even just small walks in your local area will do a lot for your mental wellbeing, however if you really don’t like being outside in the cold, wet or dark then try doing video workouts in the comfort of your own home, you can choose from something more relaxing like yoga or more intense like HITT. there are loads of free videos you can download on Youtube. 

 My top products to help you look and feel good this winter


I have talked before about the benefits of collagen supplements but for those that prefer tablet to liquids then these are for you. The collagen ultra by Stirling health can help with a whole host of ailments but most importantly in the winter months they can help with skin problems, wrinkles and losing weight as by taking only two tablets a day  they will work on both the inside and outside of your and best of all the results are fast. Available for £19.95  and if you sign up for a monthly subscription you save £5.

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New Nordic Hair Volume Gummies

Whilst the collagen is looking after the skin New Nordic will look after your hair. By taking only two a day you will see an increase in hair growth and volume by supplying the scalp and hair follicles with nutrients.  These gummies contain biotin and zinc and can help to maintain good skin as well as hair and best of all these are sweet, apple flavoured and chewy so feel more like a nice treat than taking a tablet. You can purchase these from New Nordic for £19.95 for 60. 

look good this winter



This liquid iron contains handpicked Nordic blueberry’s which gives it a great taste making it a lot easier to take than alternative iron supplements. It is also more gentle on the stomach and has less side effects than other irons I have tried in the past an the benefits are brilliant. BlueIron is one of those from the outside in products as the iron will reduce your feelings of fatigue and tiredness giving you the energy you need to go about your day with more ease which in turn will have you smiling again, helping you to not only look but also feel great this winter. 

Magnitone Bare Faced 2

I am a great believer in cleansing and toning and it has been a part of my daily routine for years now but for the last week I have been using the Magnitone Bared Faced 2 and it has revolutionised the way I cleanse and tone. It is so easy to use and the 3 x 20’s timers make sure that it just as quick, if not quicker, than your usual routine. You can also use your usual products with this so no need to worry about changing to new cleansers just add them direct to the brush for an extra deep cleanse that leaves you feeling smooth and pampered and if you don’t usually cleanse then this is a great starting point. The magnitone is clinically proved to leave you with smoother, clearer and more even skin from the first use and I for one am loving mine. You can currently purchase these on amazon for £84 and they are available in pink, rose gold and white.

look good this winter

Clarol Silver & Birch exfoliating wash

As well as cleansing and toning it is important to exfoliate the face too, although this can be done every other day or just 1-2 a week instead of daily depending on the exfoliator you use. When I talk skin care products with people it amazes me how many people don’t exfoliate their face yet they exfoliate the rest of their body. This Clarol Silver & Birch exfoliating face wash is a lovely gentle exfoliate that smells amazing and can be purchased direct from their site for £11.95

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Borboleta Last Serum

The Borboleta lash serum is an easy to use serum that works in as little as four weeks. One swipe across the lash every evening is enough to keep them nourished and looking fuller and longer. This incredible serum can also be used on lash extensions.

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Despite being known as the house hold name for treating nappy rash the new Skin recovery cream from Sudocrem is brilliant for adults too and although most people mouisturise during the summer months they tend to forget in the winter, which is where this product comes in. It can be used all over the body but I personally love it for my hands to prevent the skin from cracking in the cold weather.

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ProCoal Activated Charcoal teeth whitening powder

In the summer when we have a tan our teeth appear to look whiter than they do in the colder months when are skin is paler and with an increase in coffee and red wine being consumed in Winter too there is no shame in needing a little help to get your sparkle back. The procoal is formulated to remove stains and lift an average of 5 shades in 7 days using an all natural powder that is vegan friendly and gluten and cruelty free. Available for only £9.99 

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ProCoal Activated Charcoal purifying detox mask

Sometimes there is nothing nicer than relaxing with a face mask on and having a little pamper at home and this is my new favourite mask. The activated charcoal face mask is formulated to clear clogged pores and remove toxins from the skin and only costs £19.99. 

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