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Opies is one of the oldest private family-owned food companies in the country, Bennett Opie limited since 1880. They have a wide range of food items, most of which are centered around pickled produce such as their delicious gherkins or their world-famous pickled walnuts, but they have also branched out into other areas such as compotes and luxury fruits. So many of their products ca be used to create some amazing recipes such as their stem ginger fudge reciepe that we tried a few months back and devoured.

For your chance to win a selection of these fantastic products all you have to do is complete the rafflecoptter form below. One lucky winner will receive the following:

Cocktail cherries

Stem Ginger

Summer Berry compote

Black Cherries with kisch

Blackberries with London dry gin

Stem ginger in syrup


What would you make with your prize?

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One winner will  receive a selection of goodies as listed above from Opies 

Contest is open until 12th October 2017

Distribution of  prizes is the responsibility of  Opies

The Strawberry Fountain cannot be held responsible for lost prizes

This post was written in collaboration with Opies – all opinions are my own

All winner decisions are final – the winner has 48 hours to claim or a new winner will be drawn

UK Entrants Only

85 thoughts on “Win With Opies”

  1. I’d make a ginger cake for Bonfire night and other sweet fruity treats!

  2. Something nice for bonfire night

  3. I would make a pavlova with whipped cream so I could pour over the berries, cherries and blackberries products.

  4. A black cherry trifle with all that lovely kirsch too

  5. id absorb a few of them into a banana cake recipe I often use

  6. It would have to be cakes; these are perfect ingredients!

  7. a birthday cake for my daughter x

  8. little black cherry pies in my small pie maker

  9. I would make a gingerbread pudding with the Stem Ginger

  10. Blackberry victoria sponge – traditional but an old favourite

  11. I’d save them for a special Xmas cake

  12. Hot cherries and ice cream, maybe some pies.

  13. I would serve the black cherries or blackberries with crushed meringues and ice cream….

  14. Definitely a ginger cake for my Mum as she loves it! And a cherry crumble for my wife and I. 🙂

  15. Ginger and coffee cream cake for sure for my husband’s birthday this month, he loves stemmed ginger!

  16. I would have to make a Black Forest Gateau as my husband loves these

  17. I would make a black cherry cheesecake.

  18. The Black Cherries with Kirsch would make a lovely Black Forest Gateau x

  19. All kinds of cakes and puddings.

  20. I would use the stem ginger to make a lemon and ginger meringue. Sounds strange but tastes fabulous!

  21. I really enjoy baking so I would make a lovely ginger cake and then some other fruit flavoured cakes

  22. I make a delicious cake (and maybe a few fancy cocktails to go with it!)

  23. Would make a delicious ginger cake first. Then add some of the kirsch cherries to a cocktail or two and think about how to use the rest whilst drinking the cocktails.

  24. I’d make a ginger cake and the family would love it!

  25. Home made jam drop biscuits (similar to jammy dodgers) but fresh and the children will love them!

  26. I would make a ginger cake with the stem ginger and a black forest gateaux with the black cherries!

  27. Another vote for cherry trifle, and maybe some ice cream to enjoy with the blackberries.

  28. Various puddings, cakes and desserts

  29. They all go lovely with a quality vanilla ice cream. That’s how I’ve been eating the ginger, peaches and cherries ( black and cocktail)for years. Must look for those blackberries.

  30. a cake and some naughty but nice desserts

  31. Cherry Cakes!

    Just remind me of when I was a kid!

  32. I will make lots and lots of cakes yummy

  33. I would make a ginger cake and some cherry pies.

  34. Lots of steamed puddings for the cold winter months 🙂

  35. Lots of steamed sponge puddings for the cold winter months 🙂

  36. Some mini pies for Christmas for my friends and family x

  37. I’d make a selection of different shortbread biscuits.

  38. I would make a ginger cake, cherry cupcakes and a blackberry and apple pudding.

  39. I’d make and apple and cinnamon cake

  40. I would make a fruit cake. It is making me hungry just thinking about it.

  41. I’d make a few things, but definitely a Black Forest Gateau.

  42. I would make a clafoutis with the cherries, the blackberries would be made into an icecream and the summer compote would be used to accompany a madeira cake I would make.

  43. I think I would start with a Black Cherry Clafoutis

  44. Stem Ginger and Chocolate Chip cookies.

  45. id make nice sweet treats for the family for gifts for christmas. i have a lot of foodies in my family and homemsde treats are always the nicest by far i think although Mary Berry i am not i can make nice sweet treats. thanks for the chance at a great competition.

  46. ohhhh so many nice things to make! Ginger cookies with cherries. Cherry cupcakes,the list goes on. I would be in my element if I won.

  47. I’d make a nice trifle and ginger cake

  48. I would make a black cherry trifle

  49. I think I’d definitely have to try making the black Forest Gateau – very retro!

  50. A shed load of toast topped off with yummy toppings

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