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Which is your favourite decade for lingerie?

decade of lingerie

Like most things lingerie has changed over the years with different decades seeing different styles become more and more popular. However most, but not all, styles of lingerie are widely available even when not seen as the hot picks for the current season, year or decade, enabling people to dress in a style that suits their shape, personality and budget.


When we look back over the #Decadesoflingerie we notice that although styles do change, some elements do return and in one instance one whole style returned but with a significant twist, whereas others are unlikely to re appear any time soon, although never say never.


If we take a closer look at the lingerie style of choice from the 1820’s we see it was for the corset, designed at the time to create an hour glass silhouette that women could be proud of.

decade of lingerie

Although the corset was ditched in later years by many women for fears it crushed internal organs it soon re appeared in the 1990’s with a more relaxed fastening mechanism and instead of being worn under clothes the corset actually became the outer wear. A recent festival trip proved that in 2019 this is still deemed as an acceptable item of outer clothing today. I wonder what the women of the 1820’s would have thought about the prospect of going out in just their corsets!

decade of lingerie

From one extreme to another was the move from the 1820’s corsets to the 1830’s peticoats where the emphasis was on large garments that created an illusion of being bigger rather than smaller and was much less intense on the internal organs. Although I doubt this particular fashion will reemerge any time soon we mustn’t forget that the petticoat, or a similar version, is often favoured by brides under their wedding dresses to create that big princess dress effect so although it may have been dropped from every day life it certainly hasn’t been forgotten altogether.

decade of lingerie

Another significant change for lingerie comes from 1910’s when the first bra was introduced to the market and is now the staple of most women’s wardrobes the world over. I for one can not imagine a world without the bra in it and although the style, material, and shapes have changed over the decades it still remains a key piece of lingerie.

decade of lingerie

Of course if any decade was going to make a big impact on the world of lingerie you could have guessed it would be the 1980’s and of course it was, with the introduction of the thong, along with the sexualisation of under garments that hasn’t necessarily left us yet. However that being said the thong does often have some strong competition from the revelation that was spanx – a women’s best friend.

decade of lingerie

Spanx could be compared to the pantaloons of  the 1870’s, just as long in some cases but usually a little bit tighter to help women create the illusions of a smoother, smaller figure.

decade of lingerie

Which leaves us with 2010-2019, the decade of lingerie that incorporates the majority of the above in varying ways for varying women. It still appears to be popular to have underwear being worn as outerwear on the top half of the body  and high waisted, suck it all in knickers, on the bottom half, especially under tight fitted clothes.


I guess being alive in the current decade has it’s bonuses for women when it comes to lingerie as there are no hard and fast rules, we can make the choices we want and express ourselves however we see fit and with lingerie outlets selling a whole host of designs in a wide range of sizes we can pick the decade of lingerie that truly resonates with us. For me I love the corsets from the 1820’s but at 6 months pregnant I think it will be big knickers and nursing bras for the time being!


What’s your favourite decade of lingerie?


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