What exactly is a lifestyle blogger?

A couple of years ago I started a blog outlining 30 challenges I wanted to complete before I turned 30 and on completing each challenge I wrote a summary or review of how it went. I had loads of fun and really enjoyed the whole writing process but when I turned 3O the blog became a bit redundant  and after a short break I decided to start a new one, this one, The Strawberry Fountain, a lifestyle blog. I didn’t set out to write a lifestyle blog I just wrote about what I wanted to, places I had been, products I liked and a new business venture I had started but that’s what a life style blog is, a blog about an individuals life.

In order to write a lifestyle blog you have to be willing to let people into aspects of your life, but it doesn’t have to be a bare all, fully transparent tale of your daily activity where by you loose friends and family as they are terrified they will feature in some hilarious yet humiliating  tale that occurred whilst in close proximity to you and your lap top. Nope as a life style blogger you can pick your own areas of interest, categories or topics. For instance you might like to write about healthy living, how you eat clean and train like a machine, or perhaps you prefer to discuss the latest hi tech kitchen equipment and how you can now make triple chocolate muffins with ice cream in the middle in less than 10 minutes! The choice is yours and the best bit is as a lifestyle blogger your themes can change with you. When I initially started writing I reviewed mainly beauty products as this was indeed my little piece of pink in a life full of blue, what with me having two sons and not a shed of femininity within reach. But as the seasons change so do my interests and I have recently started writing more about outside living, adventures, locations and days out with the boys and I am having so much fun in the process.

But here lies a problem…..


Although I said themes can change it is best to find an area or areas that you want to focus on if you are looking at building a regular readership. If one day you are writing for a fitness fanatic and the next a train spotter chances are that instead of appealing to everyone you are more than likely going to appeal to no one.  If no one is reading your posts is there really much point in writing them? You certainly wont get any brands offering you work that’s for sure. So if you are destined to be a famous life style blogger then my advice to you is pick one or two aspects of your lifestyle that you are happy to share with the world and write pieces that relate to those areas and only those areas, promote your writing with individuals who have a vested interest in that area and enjoy your new found hobby.

What would I say are my themes as a life style blogger? Good question and one I am trying to figure out. At the moment I would say they are the tales of a young(ish) female juggling parenthood with work and trying to explore as many opportunities the world has to offer. As you can see I am more of a do as I say not as I do kind of writer but I’m working on it and over the next 30 days I hope to have found my niche within the life style blogger arena, I hope you stay along for the ride.





  1. I like that as a lifestyle blogger we may start sharing particular interests on our blogs, but as our life progresses we change and our priorities in life change to. Which is probably why our blogs appeal to many, others go through these journeys too.

    I like have you’ve captured this in your post 🙂

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