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Top Tips for Helping Your Child Prepare for Exams


Your child’s exams are something to prepare carefully for. All children worry – that much is true. What you can do to assist your child in managing exams with little stress is to prepare them well.


Preparation is the best way to reduce stress. When you know you’ve done everything you can to ensure success, you naturally worry less. Help your child to manage the exam period by ensuring they’re raring to go.


How soon should I begin preparing my child for exams?

Begin talking about the exams at least a year in advance. Discuss what happens and how exams work. Research your child’s school and how they manage and approach exams. Do this alongside your child so that they feel involved – there’s nothing worse than a child feeling that exams are something that it happening to them rather than something they’re in control of.

This independent college in London believes that parents and teachers should always communicate in order to ensure the best results possible. Your child can begin studying months in advance. This is best as they will not feel left out when they hear their peers talking about their own preparations.


Talk to their teachers

Discussion with their teachers is important. You can learn from them what you should help your child with. Are there any weak subjects? What areas should your child focus on? Your child’s teachers can also help you with your child’s study timetable.


Make sure their study space is ready to go

Is their chair comfortable? What about their desk? Is it the right height? Are there some good blinds in the room so your child doesn’t get blinded by the afternoon sun? Involve your child in this – they will be able to let you know what they need.

Help your child set a regular exercise routine in place

If they’re not already exercising on a regular basis, this should be a priority. Exercise is vital for your child’s concentration. All it takes is a walk in some cases but there should be something every single day that they are studying. Walking and fresh air are the best way for your child to refresh their brains after a period of study.

Let them know it’s not the end of the world

If they don’t pass, they should already be armed with the knowledge that this is fixable. It’s not the end of the world and re-sits are an option.

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