The Snowman Tour Live at Liverpool Cathedral

You know that weird bit between Christmas and New Year, the kind of no mans land of the festive period where all the days merge in to one and you never really know what you are meant to do? Well this year we found the perfect thing to occupy some of that time. We went to Liverpool Cathedral to watch The Snowman Tour Live and it was the perfect way to extend the festive period, especially as the Cathedral itself was decorated beautifully with a life size manger scene and gigantic Christmas tree, not to mention the exquisite stain glass windows that are beautifully situated around the Cathedral itself.

the snowman tour

If you haven’t heard of The Snowman Tour then it is a wonderful performance created by Carrot Productions and showcases the amazingly talented musicians of The Picture House Orchestra and is conducted by the BBC Symphony Orchestra’s Steve Magee, an expert in syncing music to film with split second precision.

We first watched the  tour last year at Warrington Parr Hall and it exceeded my expectations so much, so when we had the opportunity to go again this year I was delighted, especially as we had the opportunity to watch it in another stunning venue that we hadn’t visited before.

The performance lasts about an hour and a half and is split into two halves with a 15 minute interval, making it perfect viewing times for the younger audience members. The first half is a musical introduction to the members of the orchestra where you hear funny little antidotes about the individuals as well as some pictures of their Christmas antics and then you get to hear some beautiful solos, duets and small group  performances. Once the introductions are over the orchestra dazzle you with some Christmas tunes that will have you quietly singing along with them and then the real show starts. By this I mean you will see how wonderfully the orchestra can play alongside a film in perfect synchronicity. There are a few short films that are shown across the tour, last year we watched the Bear and the Piano and this year we were treated to A Donkey’s Tale.


Following on from the interval you will finally experience the main event, the magnificent performance of the well known film, The Snowman, that is not only accompanied by the spine tingling music from the orchestra but also by the voice of a child, in this case a young choir boy, which is utterly incredible. Once the Snowman film finishes so does the show and I can honestly say you will wonder where the time has gone having enjoyed it so much.


the snowman tour warrington parr hall

For me this is one of the most beautiful performances we have ever seen, it is  magical and festive and although you can watch is on many dates throughout December I actually think watching it between Christmas and New Year was extra special as it prolonged the festivities and we will definitely be looking at those dates again this year. If you haven’t yet seen this then I highly recommend you keep an eye on the website for the release of the 2020 date and bag yourself tickets for a performance not to be missed.


(We were gifted our tickets in exchange for an honest review an all opinions are my own.)