Our summer must haves

It can be hard to keep the kids entertained over the summer holidays, it can be even harder to ungrip their chubby little fingers from the many electronic devises they seem to have stashed all over the house. So I though I would share some of our favourite toys and activities that have kept the children entertained and away from technology these holidays.

The Pedal Racer

From the moment this arrived both boys were eager to have a go but with the British weather doing what it does best and raining for most of the summer we had to wait a while before we could get it out. The minute I declared it a Pedal racer kind of day both boys were by the back door scrabbling around trying desperately to put their shoes on so they could try it out first, and luckily it didn’t disappoint. In fact both boys found it harder than they expected to but they were both so determined to master it that we were outside for ages playing on it and even I got involved, which brought back some memories and made the boys and the neighbours howl with laughter. Not only was this good fun individually it was also good to get the boys working together to help each other balance and try and pick up speed.


The pedal racer is available from Find me a gift for £24.99


The Itty Bitty’s 

These itty bitty cute teddies are available in all different characters from super heros to star wars and many more. Although not an obvious choice for a toy that will promote activeness as they conjure up vision of lazy cuddles on the sofa or a sleeping child (ha that’s just wishful thinking), they can be used to spark the imagination and get kids moving too. I set up a treasure hunt using these adorable soft toys that got the boys running all over the house, the garden would have been better but once again the British weather won. After that the boys used them to put on a show for me which was hilarious and kept them entertained  (read quiet) for ages.


These are available from Amazon via  Hallmark for £6 each

Decorate your own bird feeder

This is like the gift that keeps on giving, now only did the tiddler have an afternoon of fun decorating his bird feeder, he has since been checking it to see if he has any “pets” and filling it with bread for them to eat. The bird feeder comes ready assembled with the paints  for you to decorate and hang outside, it really is that simple and lots of fun.


This is available from Find me a gift  for  £14.99


Pokey Hunt

If all else fails to get your kids active and off the technology you can always try to combine the outside world, exercise and technology by going for a pokey hunt. Both my boys are fans of this craze which basically sees them walking around with my iPhone in their clumsy hands whilst I pray they don’t drop it as they suddenly stop and announce the arrival of some alien looking creature who is blocking our path and needs to be captured using pokey balls!! Heaven knows what this is all about but if it gets them outside in the fresh air then it works for me. Plus the app is FREE, just a shame they need to use my definitely not free iPhone to play it on.


What have been your favourite toys or games this summer?

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