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The rustlers burger hacking challenge

This weekend we took part in the rustlers burger hacking challenge. I hadn’t used these products before so I was interested and a little dubious to see what microwaveable burgers would be like. When I told boys we were having southern fried chicken burgers for tea they were very excited and when I told them they could choose their own topppings they got even more excited as there is nothing they like more than competing with each other over everything, even when it comes to dressing their burgers, everything is a competition.


The biggest selling point for these burgers is that they are so quick and easy to prepare which makes them great for a family meal on the run, in between guitar practice and swimming lessons or football practice and beavers. They literally take less than three minutes t cook in the microwave and although I was worried this would compromise the taste and quality of the burger it didn’t, they really are very tasty.

If you do have a little more time then you can add some of your favourite toppings and a few vegetable to make it more balanced diet and dress it your way. As we weren’t on the run at meal times this weekend we chose to grill our buns to make them a little more crunchy which according to the boys makes them taste like “restaurant burgers”.


The boys choose to have theirs in different ways because lets be honest they never agree on anything and although I usually refuse to cook different meals for the whole family hang the same staple piece with optional extras worked out very well.


The tiddler is a really good little eater and enjoys a wide variety of vegies and chose to have his southern friend chicken breast on a bed of lettuce and a slice of cheese topped with extra cheese and a grilled flat mushroom. He then chose to have a side of chopped red peppers, cucumber and tomatoes.

 The big’un opted for a grilled bun also but that was pretty much where the similarieties ended as he wanted a bed of lettuce, tomato and onion topped with grilled bacon, cheese and the “special sauce” the burger came with. He also opted for a ide of peas because he doesn’t like peppers or cucumbers.

Both of these look delicious and were enjoyed so much that they both wanted to know when we could have them again and if they could different things next time and as they are so quick and convenient and I didn’t have any “eat your veg” fights with them in the process then it is definitely a yes from me.


Why not nip to Tesco and grab some burgers this weekend and tell me how your family chooses to dress our rustlers in the comments below.


(This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge’, sponsored by Rustlers).

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