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Our A-Z summer list

Every year the boys and I make a summer wish list. We compile a list of things that we would like to do over the school holidays and use it as a guide. It is in no way a “to do” list and the boys know that we may not complete everything on the list, especially if they fill it with expensive days out but instead we use if for ideas when we are stuck.

One of the great things of about these lists is that I can see if they have any ideas for main days out and then I can plan them in advance and look for discount codes or save up if I need to and know they will appreciate it and enjoy it. Another great thing about these lists is that we don’t get to the end of the 6 weeks and then they suddenly spring on me that they had wanted to do a certain thing “all” summer!


The last couple of years they have surprised me by adding simple things like park visits and painting sessions but this year as they are both a bit older I thought it would be a good idea to make it a bit trickier and create an A-Z list, I also thought this would help the tiddler with his letters.


Well, it was fun and they did get their imaginations working but thank goodness this is a wish list because I really have no idea how we would pull some of this of but I guess some letters were harder than others.


Check out our list below, it may inspire you but is probably more likely to just  make you glad your not me with a list like this, haha.



A Arts and crafts


B Baking


C Conkers


D Den Building

The very first day of the holidays started with turning the bunk beds into a den. Since then they have built and rebuilt this den numerous times as well as moving into the tiddlers room and building a den under his camp bed too.


E Elephant Rampage – WTF!


F Fruit Picking 

The boys were delighted to find a whole row of blackberry bushes at our local park and took it on themselves to start picking wild berries with a few of their friends. They actual managed to find some nice juicy ones and once washed they devoured them, especially the tiddler.


G Go Ape  

We managed to complete the junior course at Go Ape Delamere on 22nd July 2018. 

We have also completed the Tree Top Trek course which is very similar to Go Ape on 28th July 2018


H Helsby Hill 

We climbed Helsby Hill at 8pm on 27th July 2018 in a bid to watch the blood moon, unfortunately it was too cloudy to see anything but we still had fun drinking hot chocolate in the rain, making memories.


We have since taken the dog up Helsby Hill a few times too as it is such a beautiful place for a walk and if you walk down the path near the horses you come across an egg stall with an honesty box so we also treated ourselves to fresh eggs and had them for tea that night.


I Ice Cream

Well it is safe to say we have had many an ice cream so far and I am sure we will have plenty more before the summer is out.


J Jam Making


K Knowsley Safari Park


L Lego land


M Music Festival


N National Trust 


O Octopus hunting  

I had no idea how I was going to pull this one off so was extremely impressed when the boys stopped an octupus on our visit to the Sea Life in Blackpool on 21st July, unexpected win!


P Play Date

The boys have had play dates at home with friends, play dates at friends houses and arranged play dates at the park. I think meeting up with their friends over summer is always lovely as they do start to miss them.

Q Quarry


R Reading challenge at the library  

We have signed up for the challenge and chosen our first couple of book, lets see how we get on.


S Sleepover 


T Trampolining 


U Under the stars




W Watch football 


X XYZ Pokemon series

We have poke hunted in our village almost daily, we have hunted at the park in a neighboring village and even hunted for some in Liverpool. I’ll be honest I have no idea if these are XYZ pokemon but at this point I honestly couldnt care less I am officially poke talked out!

Y Yogurt making 


Z Zebra rides – what!


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