No More Aftershave Please! (Gifts That Dads Genuinely Want)

The staple go-to dad gifts of aftershave and socks that are wheeled out on every birthday, fathers day and at Christmas can get a tad boring after a while! Luckily, there is a whole world of fun an exciting gifts out there that you can get instead! In fact, you can read more about them in the post below, which is also conveniently ordered by interest to make your life even easier. Your welcome!

Biking dads

OK, I’ll admit it, if the dad you are buying for has a specific hobby or interest like biking, it makes things so much easier. In fact, you are almost guaranteed to have some items in mind that they have mentioned or need for their next challenge.

In particular, safety gear is always welcome, and buying it as a gift means you can push the boat out and get a more expensive helmet or jacket than they would splash out on themselves.

Then, there are gifts that relate to the bike itself such as a decent tire pump, repair kit, and even water bottles or bags that fit on the handlebars so they can easily reach the snacks they need to keep fuelled up.

Petrolhead dads

If the dad you are buying for is more onto car engine that bike wheels don’t despair because there are plenty of fun options that will be gladly received here as we. Why not pick some high-end cleaning materials like the one available from Autoglym that will keep their motor shiny and new looking all year round?

Alternatively, private reg plates and private number plates make a brilliant gift that you can personalise to make it that bit more special. Just think how happy he will be when he opens them to find a number plate with their nickname on?

DIY dads

Then, for those dads that can be found pottering away in the shed, or building something new for the house, or working through their endless to fix list, why not go for a toolbox, toolset, or even a power tool like a drill? The advantage here is that unlike us ladies, men tend to be quite chuffed with a more practical gift!

A well stocked tool kit can make DIY dads smile.

Gaming dads

Lastly, for the dad that would rather be button mashing and playing on the PS4 than anything else a game always make a great gift. Try and go for one that has just been released like Lords of The Fallen on the PS4 and Pokemon Lets Go! Pikachu on the Nintendo switch to avoid repeats and disappointment.

Alternatively, there are always fun accessories like controllers and gift cards for online access that you can purchase if you don’t want to go the game route. You can even get these in most supermarkets now, so you don’t have to waste time searching online.

Just be sure that you know the system you’re buying for before you part with your money, and then you can be certain you will be getting a gift that a gaming dad will definitely favour over boring old socks and aftershave.  

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