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Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

gift ideas for mothers day

I am sure you don’t need me to remind you that Mother’s Day is fast approaching, in fact it is the 31st of this month and will be here quicker than you know. With only three weeks left till we all spoil our well deserving mums (and maybe get spoiled ourselves too) the big question is, what should we get them?

I have once again put together a little gift guide full of items that I think make wonderful gift ideas for Mother’s Day and I hope it can give you some inspiration.


Personalised boot jack

If you have been following this blog for any length of time you will know how much I love personalised gifts and I think this solid oak wooden boot jack from Ligneus will make the perfect personalised and practical gift for mum this month. No more struggling to get your wellies off or mum getting filthy trying to remove them for the little kids, no more muddy foot prints through the house because they can’t get them off. This simple yet brilliant item will look stylish in your porch or hallway and will be on hand to help anyone and everyone remove those muddy wellies and at only £20 it looks like it cost a lot more than that.

gift ideas for mothers day

Beautiful Crockery

It is always nice to buy a gift that you know someone will love, cherish, and would never have bought themselves and I think this rice bowl gift set from Sous Chef is the perfect example. It is the sort of thing that so many people will admire when they see them and they will most definitely be a talking point when presented to guests. They are perfect for serving individual portions of rice along side meat or fish dishes or could even be used for the delicious miso soup which I tried for the first time two weeks ago.

mothers day gift ideas

Personalised Jewellery 

How about a piece of personalised jewellery that your mum can keep forever. Something stylish and pretty that shows you have taken the time to choose something you know they will love in advance and not last minute from the high street. I personally love this rose gold heart charm bracelet from Giftpup priced at £19.99, which can be personalised with the initial of your choice in the middle of the heart, perhaps a M for mum or the first letter of their name, whichever you choose I am sure they will love it.


What mum doesn’t love to be treated to chocolates? If you mum is a chocolate lover than these delectable natural raspberry truffles with a liquid raspberry centre from Willies Cacao are an absolute must. They are definitely different but so delicious and cost £10.99 for a box of 12.  Fingers crossed your mum wants to share as you will not want to miss out on trying these I can assure you.

gift ideas for mothers day



If your mum prefers Belgium chocolate then these Guylian master’s selection chocolates  are sure to put a smile on her face. Each box contains 30 mini chocolates in 10 different flavours including milk, white and dark chocolates with a variety of flavoured fillings, the perfect gift for mum this month. Plus with 30 available I’m sure we won’t mind if you pinch one too.


Alongside my love of personliased gifts is my love for giving and receiving books and therefore I have chosen to include two book related ideas.

The first is this beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated children’s book by Sean Taylor “My Mum always looks after me so much” which tells the story of the love between a mother gorilla and her child. The perfect gift from a small child and one that can be enjoyed together, because let’s be honest no child wants to miss out on sharing gifts.

gift ideas for mothers day

The second idea is to simply treat mum to some new reading material of her own and with so many amazing authors to choose from why not pick one she hasn’t tried before, you never know you may help her discover her new favourite. If you are stuck for ideas then perhaps you could try In the fast lane by Lotte Moore or A wedding in the family by Annette Byford, or maybe something a bit different like a recipe book such as A kitchen Fairytale by Ida Van der Byl-Knoefel.  You could even team these books with some chocolates and a little bottle of wine or tipple of choice for the perfect “me time” gift set.

gift ideas for mothers day

Gin liquor

Gin is the biggest spirit on the market at the moment with so many flavours available that you could literally try a new flavour every night for at least a month, maybe longer! In my quest to find the perfect gin I have come across the Mrs Cutherbert’s British gin liquor range where all the flavours are created from well known puddings such as lemon drizzle, cherry bakewell and blueberry muffin. I can personally highly recommend the rhubarb and custard crumble flavour – simply delicious and one I am sure your mum will be thankful for.

Personalised notepad

Do you have a mum that loves to keep lists like I do? Or perhaps one that needs a notepad for work. If so these personalised notebooks from Ryman are gorgeous and only cost £14.99. You can have them personalised with single names or short messages so will be a constant reminder of how much she is loved every time she uses it. There are also lots of different colours and styles to choose from so go and check them out and if notepads aren’t her thing then they have plenty of other personalised products to choose from.

gift ideas for mothers day

Face creams

You have to be careful when buying someone face creams, especially if they are anti aging and anti wrinkle items, the last thing you want to do is offend someone. However, I also know that if my boys treated me to this set this Mother’s Day I would be over the moon so I guess it is about knowing your intended gift receiver and if you think they love lotions and potions then I suggest you look at the Hyaluron Filler anti-age starter kit from Eucerin. It contains a 20ml day cream, a 20 ml night cream and a 5ml hyaluron-filler concentrate and comes packaged in a lovely white make up bag which can be used again and again.

gift ideas for mothers day


If face creams aren’t your mums thing but they still love a good pamper then perhaps they would prefer to be treated to this Footner cream and exfoliating sock set. You apply the cream, wear the sock and sit back and relax for 60 minutes and watch the results unfold over the next few weeks. The perfect excuse for mum to literally put her feet up for an hour.

Muscle Rescue

So many people have heard of deep heat and it is not something that I would have ever thought of buying as a gift however these new products are great. The muscle rescue from deep heat will help your mum relax and reduce the stress and tension of her busy life. They have a sponge applicator making it so much easier to apply, especially for those hard to reach areas and are specially designed for the neck and shoulders and with the new herbal fragrance of Rosemary and Vanilla it is much nicer as a gift.

gift ideas for mothers day


I hope these gift ideas have given you some ideas as to what to get your mum this Mother’s Day.


(Some of the above items where sent for inclusion but only those that appeared to be good quality were included).

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