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I love strawberries and everything strawberry related, even the name of my blog was inspired by my favourite fruit and I feel grateful that I live in a time where most things can be changed to incorporate our favourite flavours and scents. So over the last few months I have been on a mission trying out new products to bring you a list of must try Strawberry related items.



Nivea have introduced a strawberry scented lip salve to their range which not only smells like strawberries but also gives you a lovely long lasting shimmer that locks in moisture leaving your lips feeling soft. Available from Superdrug for £2.15


Or it you prefer shine free lip salve then the strawberry and pomegranate one from Lypsyl is for you, which has the added bonus of including SPF15 which is great for your holiday as so many of us, me included, forget to protect our lips in the sun available for £1.89.


For your face

Everyone loves a good face mask to relax and unwind in and what better than one that smells as sweet as strawberries. This strawberry souffle from 7th Heaven is a real treat and leaves your face feeling smooth and hydrated.


To eat 


If you love the taste of strawberries then I can highly recommend this luxurious and indulgent strawberry ‘n’ mascarpone gourmet live yoghurt by The Collective. I would say it is less of a snack time yogurt and more of a pudding or special treat type yoghurt because it feels like it should be naughty despite the fact it has surprisingly only got 121 calories per 100 grams. You try this product for approximately  £2 for 450 grams.


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What could be better that simple strawberries? covering them in chocolate of course. These delicious fair trade chocolate covered, freeze dried, strawberries make a tasty treat mid afternoon, with some covered in dark chocolate and others covered in berry flavoured chocolate. As I am not a big lover of dark chocolate I was unsure if I would like these but the sweetness of the strawbs takes away the bitterness of the dark and I personally loved them, as did my eldest who pinched the second packet when I wasn’t looking!



Although you can’t beat fresh strawberries the next best thing has got to be frozen ones. These ones from Dole are perfect for adding to porridge, drinks or puddings or even for using in your baking. Personally I like to have them frozen on an evening like a little ice pop for a sweet yet healthy snack. Available here for £2.99



To Drink

This sparkling ice kiwi and strawberry juice may be green but don’t let that fool you, you can still taste the strawberries coming through and this deliciously, refreshing drink only has 12 calories so is a guilt free pleasure you can enjoy everyday.


When I was on the hunt for new strawberry flavoured items I discovered a company I had never heard but instantly liked their concept. Savse create fresh juices that contain absolutely nothing but fruit and vegetables. No added flavours, sugars, preservatives, nothing extra at all. They have a whole host of flavours available but obviously I am more intrigued by those that contain strawberries which includes not only their smoothies but also some of their protein ranges. My absolute favourite is the super red which contains strawberries, orange kale, spinach, broccoli and celery.   These drinks are delicious, taste fresh and are an excellent way to consume extra fruits and vegetables, of if like me you have fussy children these are a great way to sneak them in to their diet without them realising because they really are that tasty.


For a non alcoholic drink with a little fizz try these Luscombe Strawberry Crush juices from Devon. They are great on their own or used as a mixer for cocktails or gin. The fact they are made in Devon really made me smile as my nanna has just moved down there and I now can’t look at these without smiling. They are made from organic strawberries and recommended to accompany creams tea, sounds perfect to me.


Adults only

It amazes me how many different products can now be flavoured but when I discovered strawberry flavoured alcohol, well, I was pretty happy. Two for you to try are

Mr Gladstone Curious emporium sparkling strawberry bon bon. This fizzy wine like drink tastes as sweet as strawberry bon bons and will leave you wanting more and reminiscing over your childhood memories. This drink is made from 100% natural flavourings and costs £5 for 75cl from most supermarkets.



Live wine

This is a particularly sweet wine and the taste of strawberries comes through instantly. It is also nice mixed with some lemonade  to give it a little sparkle. The pouch makes this perfect for traveling, camping or garden parties and (if required) it can stay fresh for upto 4 weeks in the fridge once opened.


What is your favourite strawberry product?

(Disclaimer, all of these products were sent to me to try, only the best made their way into this post and all opinions are my own.)

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