What was your favourite fashion trend?

Fashion has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. One that I can never solve or keep up with.

On the one hand fashion seems to change so rapidly that from buying a new dress to having an occasion to wear it, it seems to have gone from on trend to off trend and I am looking at those a round me wondering how they new and I didn’t. Yet on the other hand, I hear people discussing the latest fashion items that they want and I can’t help but think they are the ones behind the times, like really behind the times because I had that exact style of dress 15 years ago.


Perhaps the key is to keep one piece from every fashion trend that we enter and eventually it will go full circle and we will once again be fashionable, as long as we can pull out those key pieces at the right time. In fact, come to think of it doing just this now consider a trend in its on right, vintage. Those that once were called hoarders for holding onto everything they ever owned are not be congratulated for having such amazing vintage wardrobes and others are going to specialist places where they can buy other peoples vintage items. That’s vintage and not second hand, as I once accidently said to a friend about her “absolutely vintage totally not second hand coat”, that cost a small fortune, far more than a brand new, never worn, coat from a shop that doesn’t smell like dying moths would have cost her. But apparently that wasn’t the point, this was true vintage because it had been a round the first time. So yeah maybe we should just keep all clothes and wait for the fashions to come back every few years.

Or perhaps we should just admit defeat and wear what on earth we want. I think this might be the safest way forward for me, if I just pretend that I don’t follow the fashions at all and that I am fine with being totally unique and happy with my own style then there is definitely less chance of being self conscious and getting it wrong. I think if I was to do this I would bring back the following staples to my wardrobe


Custom Vest Tops – I  think having custom designed clothes is a unique way to tackle fashion and stand out from the crowd, you could also recreate some old favourites and make them look retro.

Flared trousers – I always found these flattering and comfy and unlike in my skinny jeans I never worried that my calfs were too big or if I did in fact have cankles.


50’s skirt – I love how these pull you in at the waist and then flare out to the side, much more flattering than the body con dresses that leave nothing to the imagination.


Wrap around dresses – I think this were one of my favourite fashion trends when all dresses wrapped around the middle it made it so much easier to buy a dress for those that, like me, require different sizes for the top half and the bottom.



Shrugs – I used to love those little cardies that went around your shoulders but only half way down your back. They were great for covering up your arms in a dress if you felt self conscious without hiding too much of the dress or your figure.


Yes I think I would be quite happy if these fashions all came back at the same time, especially as you can still pick up many of these items at Chums. What Fashion trends would you bring back if you could?






(This post was written in collaboration with Chums, all opinions are my own.)



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