Dairy Free Easter Gifts

Easter is nearly here and for most that means binge eating Easter eggs for an entire weekend. But for many that just isn’t possible, either due to allergies, lifestyle choices or illness or simply because they do not like chocolate. So what do you get someone who doesn’t want an Easter egg? Well, here is my round up of dairy free Easter gifts for children of all ages.

Dairy Free Chocolate 

Of course just because a person is dairy free it doesn’t mean they can’t binge eat all the eggs as long as those eggs are dairy free they are good to go. A brand that I have worked with before and whose Rocky Road bars are incredible have brought out a new dairy free, vegan friendly, Easter range. Mummymeagz have some delicious options to choose from including

The more traditional Smoove Moove egg, a mix of dairy free ilk and dark chocolate.

The Sunnycomb Bar – a dairy free chocolate covered honeycomb bar.

The Chuckie egg – a vegan twist on the classic cream egg.

dairy free easter gifts

Free from chocolate treats

As well as eggs you can opt for diary free chocolate in other forms such as these delicious bards and buttons from Nomo. Everything in the Nomo range is dairy, egg, gluten and nut free so perfect for those with allergies this Easter as well as being vegan friendly too. They have so many incredible flavours including one of my favourites which is their caramel and sea salt. So instead of giving eggs this Easter why not create a wonderful free from hamper full of incredible different flavours.

dairy free easter

Vegan chocolate gifts

Pulsin have also created some incredible dairy free Easter treats. They have Livia’s Nugglets which are raw cookie dough balls created from 5 ingredients and wrapped in chocolate and they taste amazing. They are vegan friendly and dairy and gluten free. If cookie dough isn’t for you then why not try their brownie ones instead.

dairy free easter gifts

Egg cups

If you don’t want to buy them chocolate eggs but still want to stay with the tradition of eggs at Easter then how about these beautiful egg cups. They are from Juul At Home and come in a set of two, a forest owl and a hedgehog. They have been hand painted and are perfect for nature lovers of any age and will be sure to put a smile on their face every time they enjoy their eggs.

dairy free easter gifts

Dairy free Easter gifts for under 5’s

Egg themed toys

If you are looking for a dairy free Easter gift for a little one then how about an egg themed gift. The Tomy Toomies Egg Bus is perfect for those aged 12-36 months. It comprises of a movable bus that your little one can push along and 6 eggs that can e “cracked” open to reveal birds waiting inside. This toy is great for colour matching, counting, fine motor skills and simply having fun. As your little one plays with all the characters they will also discover that the driver spins and the passengers squeak, perfect for encouraging some imaginative play.

Rainbow Pebbles

For a fun yet educational Easter gift for those aged 3 and over how about a set of Rainbow Pebbles from edxEducation. The set contains 36 soft, smooth and tactile pebbles and 20 double sided activity cards to get your children started. These pebbles can be used to create an array of designs, practice balancing and reinforce learning in regards to size and colour. They are great fun, versatile and will spark your child’r imagination as they try to create their own designs.

dairy free Easter gifts


If you are buying a gift for a pre-schooler then I urge you to check out the Dantoy range as they have some lovely items. One of my favourites is this cute ice cream stand that comes with 3 ice creams with detachable cones in a stand, a scoop and two cupcakes.  All the Dantoy toys are plastic free and made from 90% sugarcane and is 100% recyclable. They are perfect for the eco-friendly amongst us as well as those looking for dairy free Easter gifts.

dairy free easter gifts

STEM toys

Educational toys are always a good idea. I particularly like this design and drill STEM garden set. It is suitable for those aged 3 plus and comes with a working power drill that can be used to build pretty flowers. This toy encourages spatial perception, fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination all whilst having fun and building their own garden. 


Dairy free Easter gifts for the over 5’s

If you are looking for a dairy free Easter gift for a child over 5 and want to avoid anything edible then here are some fun ideas.

The Shadow Game

If you are looking for a dairy free Easter gift that the whole family can enjoy together then how about a family game? If, like us you love a good games night then this Shadow Game from Kikkerland  is perfect. You simply take it in turns and see who can create the best shadow animals using the light and instructions included and have lots of laughter in the process. Just remember to make the Easter Bunny first!

Hair Chalk

For a non edible but fun gift how about the Chalk-It (Hair Colouring Chalk) set? They come in a set of 4 colours

Ultra Violet


Pretty pink

Blue you

These are easy to use, look great and wash out instantly with water. Your children (and maybe the adults too) will have lots of fun creating cool and colourful hairstyles with these over the Easter holidays.


For the more active children how abut the Air-ball by Buzz retail? It is a floating ball that can be played on almost any surface: wooden floor, laminate, marble or even a thin carpet. It creates an air bubble underneath it so it’s actually hovering over the ground and is sure to have the children out of their seats and off the screens in no time.

Remote control spaceship

Some parents treat their children to a main Easter gift, something  bit more than a chocolate egg and let’s be honest if children have ever deserved to be treated then it’s right now after the year they’ve had. If this is something that you do then let me show you the Thunder Jet X. The Thunder Jet X is a remote control plane made f foam that is capable of flying up vertically. It has a 2.4 GHz remote control that gives a very long control range and it is suitable for use both indoors and out. The Thunder Jet X has 3 different speeds: low, medium and high, as well as the ability to make a 360 degrees flip in the air. If you are looking for something a little bit extra this Easter then this is it.


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