Could Heinz tomato sauce be about to make my dream a reality?

I have always dreamt of living off the land, growing my own vegetables and keeping a couple of chickens to lay fresh eggs for breakfast every morning. The idea of my two boys growing up to be self sufficient, green fingered and lovers of vegetables was my idea of the perfect family, all working together on the allotment in peace and harmony. Luckily I woke up before I moved us all to the country and started a life in the middle of no where, where the reality would have been my boys wrestling in the mud, eating worms and chasing chickens!!

However it seems all is not lost and a compromise is on offer. I can have my house near a city, shops and civilastion but I can also grow my own and teach my sons about gardening and healthy eating. Better yet I have the chance to not only grow my own tomatoes BUT I could be in with the chance of my prize winning, rosy red, succulent tomatoes being turned into a bottle of Heinz tomato sauce just for my family and I. Of course there is every chance our tomatoes will be small, green and squashed by the mud wrestling duo before they even have chance to be seen never mind turned into sauce but one can hope.

Oh and fear not you can join in too.


Heinz are on a mission to encourage families to grow their own this spring and in a bid to raise awareness they have created some miniature gardens in London that run up and down the side of the river telling the story of how Heinz tomatoes start their journey.  download2download1

Additional miniature gardens have also popped up around Manchester, Cardiff, Brighton, Birmingham and Bristol so why don’t you see if you can hunt them out and get inspired this spring.


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“For the fourth year of the ‘Grow Your Own’ project Heinz Tomato Ketchup is calling on families up and down the country to get creative and plant their own Heinz tomato seeds. This year entrants will be in with a chance of having their home-grown tomatoes made into an iconic bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup, personalised exclusively for them.”


So grab yourself some Heinz tomato seeds, plant them with kids, (then replant them with meticulous precision when the children are sleeping), watch them grow, (replace with shop bought beef tomatoes), celebrate with the family and take a few snaps and post below. Or if you actually think you can grow better tomatoes than i can (pfft not a chance!) then you best read the official rules below. Good luck

To enter the competition*, families need to upload pictures of their efforts to the official Heinz UK Facebook page to be in with a chance of being that one lucky winner. Chosen at the end of August, the winner and their tomatoes, will be picked up by Heinz Tomato Ketchup and transported to Heinz’s Culinary and innovation Centre to be produced. The winner will then receive a special version of the classic glass bottle filled with their home grown Heinz Tomato Ketchup, complete with a unique personalised label.
There will also be a number of runners up prizes, with gardening hopefuls having the chance to win high quality gardening tools – such as watering cans, wheelbarrows, trowels and gardening gloves – plus much more!

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