Christmas Gift Ideas For The Ladies

If you are looking for some inspiration for gift ideas for the ladies in your life then have a look at our most recent gift gift. We have lots of different ideas ranging in prices and interests so hopefully you will find something that works for you and your loved ones this Christmas.

Beauty lovers

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a lady who loves her beauty products, lotions and potions then check out some of these items. Although they are individual products and not the usual gift sets they are really good quality products and will be much more appreciated by any true beauty lover than a standard body wash gift set.

The Embryolisse Beauty Oil

The Embryolisse beauty oil is a one stop beauty oil for face, body and hair. This oil is unlike so many others as it is quick drying and non-greasy, perfect for everyday use. It has a sweet floral scent and leaves you with lovely soft skin. It costs around £25 but the fact it is a multi functional product makes it great value for money.

The Embryolisse serum

The Embryolisse serum could be teamed with the above product and turned in to a gift set if your budget allows. If not, this too, would still make a brilliant stand alone gift for anyone who appreciates good skin care. The hydra-serum is moisturising booster that is filled with active ingredients that instantly revitalise the skin. It provides the skin with total rehydration and long lasting moisturisation. It retails at £22 for 30ml.

gift ideas for the ladies

Tinted moisturiser

Buying make-up, especially foundation, for someone else is near impossible unless you know the exact make and shade they already use. However, treating them to a tinted moisturiser is a lot easier and this one by Altruist is brilliant as it is so much more than than just a tinted moisturiser. Altruist are on a mission to reduce the incidence of UV induced skin cancer by creating high quality sunscreen at the lowest possible price meaning this particular tinted moisturiser also offers anti-redness and pigmentation coverage as well as the all important SPF 50, which any beauty lover knows is vital for skin protection. It goes on green (yes, green) and then creates an even skin tone based on the wearers own tones and if they want a darker shade they simply add on some more cream. It is priced at an incredible £12.50 for 50ml.

gift ideas for the ladies

Moisturising Fluid

You could team the above with the Altruist Moisturising fluid which contains 0.5% hydrochloric acid and is designed to provide skin hydration, firmness and elasticity  by penetrating deep into the epidermis. Just like with all the Altruist products this one is vegan friendly and created by dermatologist Dr Andrew Birnie is affordable for all at only £6 for 50ml.

gift ideas for the ladies


Daily Skin Radiance

The award winning Flawless Photoglow by Transformulas is a multi-tasking moisturiser. It protects against UV rays with an SPF 30,  contains super active anti-ageing ingredients to combat the signs of ageing, contains anti-oxidants for essential daily skin protection and moisturises, rejuvenates and restores the skins natural radiance. And if all of that isn’t enough to convince you to give this a try then how about the fact it is also vegan friendly and cruelty free?



The Dead Sea mineral mask

Who doesn’t love to take some time for themselves and relax with a face mask? If you, or the person you are meant to be shopping for, does then take a look at this one. It is created by the Dead Sea Company and is a really luxurious 3-in1 mask that purifies, hydrates and brightens your skin. And the best bit is you don’t need loads of time to be able to use it, just 10 minutes.

This dead sea mineral mask

  • Works to draw out pore-clogging dirt and excess sebum and exfoliates dead cells whilst helping to hydrate and soothe skin.
  • Helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduces the appearance of redness revealing a clearer and even-toned complexion

and if all that isn’t enough then it also worth noting that £1 from every Mineral Mud Mask sold is donated to EcoPeace Middle East to tackle water scarcity issues in the Jordan Valley.



Now I don’t suggest you buy someone collagen for Christmas unless you are absolutely sure they already use it as it could end up insulting them. However, loads of ladies and even some men, over the age of thirty are big collagen fans and if that is the case for the person you are buying for then check out the LQ collagen range. You can get big tubs of powder like the one pictured below or smaller gift set style liquid ones which do look better as gifts.

The LQ collagen is very popular for those wanting to improve the appearance of their skin, hair and nails as it contains

  • MARINE COLLAGEN POWDER – 10,000mg Marine Collagen per serving. Collagen is the chief component of connective tissue, including skin.
  • HYALURONIC ACID – Hyaluronic Acid plays an essential role in skin hydration as a vital part of subcutaneous tissue. By the time we’re in our mid-40s, we produce roughly half the Hyaluronic Acid we need. The result is that we lose moisture, skin wrinkles and hair thins.
  • BIOTIN & SELENIUM – Biotin is an important component of enzymes in the body which break down fats, carbohydrates, and other substances. Deficiency in Biotin can include hair loss and dry or scaling skin. Selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails.
  • VITAMINS C – Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the function of the skin. 

gift ideas for the ladies


Gruum create beauty products that are made from simple, natural ingredients that are kinder to you and the planet. If you are looking for a gift for a beauty lover but prefer the idea of a gift set than an individual product or two then check out the Gruum gift sets. They have several to choose from including this Relaxing pamper set that includes

  • blöta Lavender & Chamomile Bath Salt
  • älska Pink Clay Mask
  • sömn Lavender Sleep Mist
  • loop Recycled Ocean Plastic Washbag
  • Muslin cloth

It retails for £35 and is available online. 


Non beauty gift Sets

Wax Melts

Who doesn’t love a good gift set? This one from Village Wax Melts is particularly impressive as it has a real selection of products in a range of colours. It is sure to make anyone smile on Christmas morning. Village wax melts have lots of products and gift sets To choose from, this particular one contains

Rouge exfoliating soap sponge

Reed diffuser

squeezable wax melts

hard wax melts

and a bath bomb

They have a lovely range of fragrances including popular perfumes  and aftershaves and they even have some specialist autumn and winter scents available that will perfect for those Christmas gifts.

christmas gift ideas for the ladies

CBD Oil Gift Set

CBD oil is fast becoming a popular product in both the beauty and the wellness worlds. Some believe it has benefits to their beauty regime, including the appearance of skin, whereas others use it for pain relief and mood regulation. What ever the reason there are a number to choose from. Our remedy offer lovely gift set options that makes the CBD oil look more like a gift than something medicinal. If you know someone who does like CBD oil then the CBD hot chocolate set is lovely. It contains

Vegan hot chocolate

Vegan marshmallows

and then you can choose between

CBD with peppermint and clay sage for mood swings or CBD with lavender, orange and geranium for peace

an aluminium lid or a plastic free pipette

500mg or 1000mg.


christmas gift ideas for the ladies



Ladies on the go

Drinks flasks

It doesn’t matter whether you are more likely to find the ladies in your life working non stop, freezing on the side lines of their kids football pitch or chasing a toddler round the local park, if they are ladies on the go, for whatever reason, then they will be sure to appreciate a new flask and these ones by Hapi are perfect.

Hapi drinks flasks are 100% leakproof, available in three sizes and come in the most wonderful vibrant colours and they can be used to store either hot or cold drinks. They also arrive lovingly packaged in cylinder gift boxes looking like nice gift as opposed to a random drinks bottle from the supermarket.

christmas gift ideas for the ladies



Love the idea of a drinks flask or bottle as a gift but think the lady in your life already has one (or 10)? How about getting them a bottlesoc instead then? Never heard of one? Neither had I until recently but now I have I think they are a great idea.

The bottle soc is a covering, which can be personalised if desired, that covers your bottle making it look much nicer. But, more importantly than that, is the fact that the bottle soc is designed with a handle that loops from one side to the other making it much easier to carry your bottle wherever you go. You can loop it over the pram, tie it to you bag or even throw it over your shoulder. However you use it is up to you but one thing is for sure it will definitely make life easier when transporting your bottles around with you as you can now do so hands free.

christmas gift ideas for the ladies


If you are thinking of buying the lady in your life a piece of jewellery the let me introduce you to Love Lox and their selection of personalised lockets. These are quite possibly the most beautiful lockets I have ever seen. Gone are the days of having to print off photographs and try and cut out the tiny faces of your loved ones to shove inside the locket. Nope, now you can upload your photos of choice and they are resized and inserted for you. You can also have a personal message engraved on to the locket too to make it even more special.

Love Lox offer lots of designs and you can choose form gold, silver or rose gold as well as different chain lengths too. The lockets vary in price starting from £45 and can be delivered in a matter of days so despite this being a personalised gift that shows love and thought has gone in to it isn’t too late to order one for this year.

A gift with a kick

Spiced rum

Not all women drink but for those that do how about a bottle of the Pull The Pin spiced rum.

This is a smooth rum made from a unique blend of whole and ground spices, with a warm depth of flavour and tones of butterscotch. Tastes great served over ice with a slice of orange.

They also have other spirits available too if spiced rum isn’t their thing.



Now this really is gift with a kick. Perfect for tea lovers and whiskey drinkers. The limited edition Celebrate is an alcoholic tea with notes of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and a full bod black tea. It is 11%, so not as strong as a spirit but still enough to have a good kick, it can be enjoyed cold served over ice or even warmed up in a mug, perfect for the festive season and makes a change from the mulled wine.

To accompany the bottle of Celebrate why not treat them to a box of Leysieffer Celebrate chocolates. Delicious and indulgent truffles made with the Noveltea.


A good book

Some of the best and most thoughtful gifts I have been given have been books. Especially when they are by a favourite author, new authors from my favourite genre or are related to one of my hobbies or interests. If the lady in your life is a reader then how about this new book half the world away by Rebecca Banks. Half the world away follows the story of Abbie who feels unfulfilled in her life and takes on a new opportunity half way across the world, meets a very interesting man, starts a new job that she loves but is worried she could lose it all.


Chocolates are always a welcome gift in my house and festive chocolates are even more welcome. These ones by Montezuma’s are divine, especially the salted caramel white chocolate balls. They also have advent calendars available if you are still looking for them too.

christmas gift ideas for the ladies

If you fancy treating them to chocolate but festive chocs aren’t their thing then how about a box of the classic Guylian belgian chocolates? There are several options to choose from including bars and boxes but the origional box can’t b beaten in my opinion. It contains 22 Belgian chocolates shaped like seashell and seahorses filled with a hazelnut praline that is just delicious.

Guylian Chocolate Sea Shells 250g Gift Box : Grocery

A special treat 

A voucher

If the lady in your life has everything, or, just simply isn’t materialistic and therefore seems really hard to buy for, then how about getting her a voucher for a special treat.

I find that Red Letter day vouchers make brilliant gifts.

Experiences can be treasured as memories instead of things, they don’t take up much room or collect dust. You can opt for a specific experience if you know the person likes such as a spa day, meal for two or even an over night stay or you can choose one of their gift boxes that covers a whole host of activities that the recipient can choose from themselves.

Personally I love the sound of this spa day with afternoon tea and a treatment, it sounds like the perfect day!

An Ecosphere Terrarium

Now this is a very special treat for any plant lovers out there. These Ecosphere Terrariums from the Urban Botanist are like nothing I have seen before, they are so beautiful they seem kind of magical, especially if you add the LED fairy lights to them.

The Ecosphere Terrariums are glass jars of varying sizes and shapes that become a home to a host of plants and grasses including, perennial grasses and seasonal succulents on preserved reindeer moss. They are eco-friendly, long lasting and stylish and will make a beautiful, easy to maintain gift.


Party Shapewear 

Now you have to be really careful buying somewhere party shapewear as a gift. However, if you know they wear it then this can make for a brilliant present. Maidenform has a great selection of party shapewear to choose from, some that gives you a smooth silhouette, others that hold you in  and some that will just give you that little bit of extra confidence. Sizes range from small to XXlarge so there is bound to be something for everyone.

I hope you have found this list of Christmas gift ideas for the ladies helpful and are now feeling inspired to go and finish, or maybe even start, you Christmas shopping and remember it’s the thought that counts not how much it cost.

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