Christmas activities to do with kids

This year my children are 6 and 4 and the Christmas magic and belief is all still in tact (I think), but I’m not sure how long it will be till the eldest stops believing. So this year I want to make it as magical as possible and enjoy as many Christmas activities and events as we can before they get too old and too wise.

Over the past few years I have seen some great ideas shared on social media but I always seem to run out of time, or resources, or patience or to be fair usually all 3. So this year, in a bid to be a little bit more organised, I thought I would share some ideas in advance. Hopefully i can use it as a bit of a tick list and at least manage 1 or 2 beofre December 25th.

So here it is,  my Christmas activity wish list,  full of great ideas for families to do together. I will let you know which ones (if any) I get round to doing and how we got on.

1. Light switch on

There is always something magical about the atmosphere at a Christmas light switch on, it almost seems to signify the start of the Christmas period. We have already missed our nearest switch on at Cheshire Oaks ( I did say I wasn’t organised) but hopefully I will manage to get us to one soon.

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2. Book advent calendar

We started this two years ago and I absolutely love this idea. We wrap up 24 books and the boys open one every evening in December. We then read it as a family all cuddled up on the sofa. In our house each book is Christmas or winter themed and although I always buy a couple of new books I also re use the ones from the year before.

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3. Give to those less fortunate

I have to be honest every year I say I will teach my children about the joy of giving and show them how fortunate they are. But every year I become so wrapped up in the magic of Christmas juggled with work and child care that I always forget. This will be the year we do give back to society.

4.Watch a panto

Panto is one of the best Christmas activities you can do (oh no it isn’t!)

5. Ice skate

Pop up ice rinks seem to be becoming more and more popular every year. Last year we went to Manchester for the Hubbies birthday treat and both boys loved every minute of it, so I think this is to of their list this year.

6. Christmas eve box

These just look and sound brilliant and so easy to customise for each family.

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7. Make Christmas decorations

Crafts are not my strong point but with so many pinterest pictures to ooh and aaah over I feel I should at least try.

8. Visit Santa

I am not sure how much longer my eldest will go along with the Santa visits for so this year I really want to find a believable and magical grotto for him.

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9. Write to Santa

The teacher in me loves that we can practice literacy whilst simultaneously being all Chrismassy – win

10. Feed reindeer

We are very fortunate that close to where we live is a farm that breads reindeer and every Christmas they open it up to the public so you can feed Dancer, prancer and all their friends.

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11. Christmas cooking

If you think my craft ability is bad you see my cooking. I once made broccoli soup that could peel the paint of a wall and my husband has still not let me forget it 5 years later. Luckily for me the fun is in the mixing and bowl licking so we can at least try.

12. A book of kisses

This is a new idea to me that I came across last week and think it is one of the most beautiful ideas ever. The boys and I are going to make these for the tree and also for our family members who live further a way. Check it out here 

13. Make a gingerbread house

The boys made a gingerbread house last year with their nanny but i think i might have to join in with this one this year. I do love gingerbread after all.


So there you have it, my 13 Christmas activity wish list. Lets see how we get on..

What activities are you most looking forward to this year?

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