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I love to read, always have and I imagine I always will. When I was little I remember my nana would read fairy stories to me when she babysat, our favourite book was about flower children that I absolutely loved and when we weren’t reading that she would make stories up for me. Once I was old enough to read by myself I would devour books, loosing myself in the twists and turns and as a teenager I loved the Goosebumps series and the Babysitters club. As an adult my love for reading never stopped but it was put on hold for a short while as I had to read more academic journals for my studies and really missed being able to loose myself in make believe, loosing yourself in journals about eating disorders and suicide just isn’t the same but I’m back to reading everything and anything again now and it really does get the imagination going. At the moment I am loving Karen Rose and Jodie Picoult.

When I had my boys I was keen to pass on my love for books to them. So I have read to them most days , when they were younger we could sit for hours at a time reading book after book, usually the same Thomas the tank one over and over again but I didn’t mind as long as we were reading. The boys have so many books, I seem to be a little bit addicted to buying new ones and totally unable to throw any away so we literally have hundreds. But  I am pleased to say they too enjoy reading as much as I do. The tiddler will still sit and listen to short stories every night before bed but the 7 year old has out grown out of this now and prefers the chapter books, so we have started reading 1 or 2 chapters a night and sometimes he even reads a chapter to me too, which is lovely. I’m not ssure how much longer he will want to read with his mum for so I am making the most of it at the moment and I am looking forward to starting our book advent in December this year as I feel it may just be me and the tiddler reading the Christmas stories next year.


Here are some of our current favourites that I would recommend from aged 7

Grandpa’s Great Escape

Gangsta Granny

Demon Dentist

Horrid Henry: Book 1

Here are some of our family favourites that we still read with the tiddler at 5


Zog and the Flying Doctors


Aliens Love Underpants!

The Bumblebear

The Snail and the Whale


What are your children’s favourite books?



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