Blogging – it’s not all free stuff and nights out

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When you read my blog you will see a mixture of reviews from products and events that I have paid for myself or been bought as gifts and items that have been sent to me from various PR agents in a exchange for a review. Free stuff is definitely a huge perk of being a lifestyle or beauty blogger but trust me writing a blog is not all free stuff and nights out. Over the last 18 months I have had numerous messages from friends and followers asking me how they can become a blogger and get free stuff, obviously I explain how I got into blogging BUT I also explain the following….

  • Blogging can be hard work. Like any job you have dead lines to meet. If a company ask me to do a review it usually comes with a deadline and word limit that I have to juggle around the children and the day job, not always an easy task.
  • You have to have a thick skin. When you press publish on that blog your hard work is out there for the world to see, read, enjoy and judge. And boy do some people judge but in order to blog you need to take the good with the bad and except the constructive criticism and work on your craft as a writer.


  • It helps if you can write! that sounds obvious but there are 1000’s of bloggers out there now, some just in it for the freebies but they soon get caught out. Companies don’t just want a review, they want a well written review that will engage the audience, stand out from the crowd and ultimately help them  sell the product.


  • You need to have principles, a back bone and an ability to say no. If you want to be a credible reviewer it is no good saying every product is amazing just because you were sent it for free in the fear they may not send you anything again. Your readers will respect your thoughts and look to you for valid reviews if they know you will dish the dirt and save them wasting their time and money on something that is useless. That means being honest with a company too and giving them some constructive feedback, you would be surprised how many companies actual appreciate that. Mind you not all do so sometimes it is a case of hit send on the email and take cover!


  • Lastly you need time management and organisation skills. I already mentioned deadlines but you also need to tie to test products. You can’t review two skin care regimes effectively at the same time and both will have deadlines if sent from an agent so you need to be able to organise, prioritise and say NO.

So yes blogging can bring you free products, tickets to events and even nights away but these freebies do not pay the bills so unless you are charging for your reviews you need to make sure you have the time and the inclination to commit to a blog. If you do then go for it, blogging can be so much fun and can bring so many unexpected opportunities with it but remember it’s not all free stuff and nights out.

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