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Birthday Ideas for Mum

birthday ideas

Our mum is the most important person in our lives as we grow up and she can be the one person who supports us when everything else in our lives goes downhill. This is why when it comes to celebrating her birthday it can be an amazing thing and we can but her something special as a thank you. Here are some simple ideas for gifts you can get your mum this year on her birthday.




One of the easiest gift ideas to get for your mum around her birthday is a lovely bouquet of flowers to show her how much you mean to her. You can find birthday flowers from Flowercard and send them either directly to her or go and give them to her yourself and this can be a lovely gesture which she will appreciate. Flowers are always a great gift and you can even go one step further and buy a houseplant for her for something extra special.

birthday ideas


All mums like to have things like jewels and other trinkets and these can be the ideal gift for her. Perhaps you’ll be buying a charm to go on her necklace, a few small bracelets or maybe even a chain to use around her neck for placing special items on. Any kind of jewellery can be great and you can find something which suits her tastes and style.




Perfume can sometimes be a difficult gift to buy for someone, but if you know your mum well enough this shouldn’t be an issue at all. Think about asking your dad what her favourite scent is or you could even take her shopping and pretend you are looking for yourself to get her opinions on smells. It can be a lovely gift and one which she will be able to use every single day.


A Pamper Hamper


If you know that you mum is always spending her time looking after everyone but herself, a great gift idea for her for her birthday would be a hamper which she can use to pamper herself and have a much needed rest. This can include things like a face mask, hair mask, comfy pyjamas, nail varnish, wine, chocolate and some creams for her to apply. It can be just what she needs after a stressful week or month and it can make her day.


A Day Out


Memories can sometimes be so much more rewarding than a physical gift and if you don’t spend as much time with your mum as you would like to, arranging a day out or an activity can be just what you need. For example an afternoon tea could be a great idea or even a trip to the theatre to watch your favourite musical. Spending a day with your mum can be great for both of you and you will of course be able to take lots of photos and use these to make  collage of the day which can be given to her at a later date as a cute gift!


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