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5 Reasons To Consider A Winter Wedding

winter wedding

Now that you are engaged you need to start planning the big day and one of the first things to consider is what season you want to get married in. Winter is, without a doubt, the most overlooked time of a year for a wedding. Spring weddings have been a fixture for decades, summer weddings are perhaps the most “classic” choice of all, and even autumn weddings have become steadily more popular in recent years.


Winter, however, tends to lag behind its earlier-year counterparts, often due to concerns over cold weather – but it’s best not to overrule the idea of a winter wedding right off the bat. Here are six reasons any couple currently planning might want to focus on this often-overlooked season when planning their big day… 


1 – Less competition


Winter weddings are fairly rare – which actually really plays in your favour. Venues, caterers, and similar wedding-essential services tend to have greater availability during the winter months – and you may find that the costs of such services are also lower. Similarly, there’s far less risk of clashing with other weddings in your social circle, and your guests are also less likely to be going on holiday – a problem that can be significant during the warmer months.


2 – Lower costs 


The fact that venues and wedding-related services tend to be more available during winter offers another advantage besides availability: cost reductions. Many venues and services are more expensive during the more popular wedding months, and then reduce their prices significantly in order to compete for a lower customer base when winter arrives – much to your benefit. 


3 – Opportunities for unique bridal style


With spring and summer weddings, one of the major focuses will be on ensuring the bride’s outfit is comfortable even when the temperature and humidity rises – which means many accessories, fabrics, and elaborate gown designs are impractical. However, there’s no such restrictions with winter wonderland wedding dresses and accessories; you can experiment with different styles, heavier fabrics, and as many adornments as you choose to create a truly unique look.

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4 – More straightforward decorations options 


If you choose to get married in winter, then you have a significant advantage: you don’t have to invest in wedding-specific decorations. Many modern Christmas decorations omit mentions of December 25th and instead feature icicles, snow scenes, glitter, and snowflakes – all of which will work perfectly with your winter wedding. You’ll then be able to keep the same decorations and use them to decorate your home for years to come; a nice touch that will add special memories to all future Christmas celebrations. 


5 – Incredible photography opportunities 


Any time of year can provide stunning photographs, but winter photographs are particularly beautiful – and unique when compared to the “standard” wedding photo. Photographs taken at sunset will benefit from the beauty of winter skies, and are also more convenient, as they can be taken far earlier in the day than is possible with weddings at other times of year. In addition, images taken outdoors can benefit from spectacular austere – and hopefully snow-covered – backgrounds, and fairy lights can make for beautiful indoor photographs that have an effortless sense of magic to them. 

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Given the above, do you think you might be tempted to opt for a winter wedding


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