Good bubble, a bath time review

Bath time is an important part of the bedtime routine,  it helps to calm and soothe a child before going to bed……… ha believe that you will believe anything.

Bath time is a time to splash proof the floor, walls and ceiling as you try and convince your child that your bath is not an Olympic size pool and “no you don’t want to see how big the waves are”. It is a time when they get to play with the bath toys and sneak in some non bath toys too. It is also a time when you teach your child the importance of washing and give them the independence to do so themselves, knowing full well you will also give them a quick “re-wash” before letting them get out of the tub and shake like a hairy dog throwing yet more water everywhere, before you wrestle them into a lovely warm poncho towel and tackle the equally painful hair drying process.

Yep, bath times are loved by the tiddler but not so much by me as I always find myself looking like I joined him in the tub fully clothed. However, I must say bathing the tiddler is a dam sight easier than it was with the big’un, who would find every excuse known to man to not have his hair washed because the world most definitely would end if he got water in his eyes. This coming from a child who swims better under water than he does up top, but yes, water in the eyes, such a tragedy.

A couple of weeks ago we were sent some bath time products from Good Bubble and thought we would give them a whirl this weekend. The bubble bath is made with extract of dragon fruit and smells lovely and as you can see from the below picture it does what it is intended to do and makes a sufficient amount of bubbles, which are always great for recreating Santa’s beard if nothing else. The shampoo and conditioner are also lovely and left his hair feeling clean and soft and less tangled than normal, which made the whole drying process a tad easier.

With most bath time products there isn’t a great deal difference from one to another, either they get you clean or they leave you smelly and these do make you clean. However, what I like about them, that the tiddler really couldn’t care less about, is that they are free from everything. They are

sulphate free

phthalate free

tear free

artificial colouring free

paraben free

PEG free and also

hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and made from 98% naturally derived ingredients.

So although there isn’t a major difference on the job they do compared to other similar products, there is a difference in the piece of mind they give you when using them on your precious babies. Knowing we are keeping them safe and looking after them every step of the way is important and being able to find products that help us do that is a real bonus.

The Good Bubble products are available in many stores including Sainsbury’s and Holland and Barrett where there is currently an offer on that if you buy the bubble bath gift set it comes with a ridiculously cute dragon wash cloth which does encourage that self washing I mentioned earlier. Just remember to take cover when your child wants to show you how well the dragon can dive into the water!

(We were sent some Good Bubble product in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own).