Online party – forever living style

As most of you know I joined up as a Forever Living business owner in August and so far it has gone really well, I have reconnected with old school friends, made new friends and discovered some amazing products for my whole family. I have also lost weight and have an abundance of energy from doing the C9  cleanse and taking bee pollen tablets with forever living.  As a way to promote my new business and share the products with friends, family and strawberry fountain followers I decided to do an online party via facebook. I was really nervous at first and wasn’t sure that anyone would join the group or get involved with the questions but I was pleasantly surprised at how many people not only got involved but also invited their friends to log in too.

On the whole the online forever living party was a success and I now plan to hold one at the end of every month with various offers and promotions exclusive to the strawberry fountain online party. If you would like to be invited to the next one then please do drop me a message and I can arrange this for you.


I have also been asked to hold an online party for a friend using her friends list as the party list and having exclusive offers available just for them, I cant wait to do this. If you would like to have an online party for your friends just let me know. I’m off now to plan some offers, enjoy.


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