My exciting news about forever living

I am so excited right now, I cant stop smiling and I am buzzing with ideas.


After doing several reviews on various forever living products and seeing fantastic results from the c9 (losing 6lbs in 9 days), the toothpaste and the bee pollen tablets I made the decision to sign up and become a business owner, promoting products I truly believe in and genuinely use myself. At first I was a little worried it would be a pyramid scheme, a lot of work for little income but I am so pleased it’s not. Forever living is a network business where sales are accumulated through word of mouth and not hard sales, there are so many incentives and opportunities for promotion that it feels like you have joined an amazing company for a career not a little make up catalogue to pass the time. I have my eye on a certain promotion at the moment and although I have only been signed up for two weeks I am determined to make it to supervisor and really get my business off the ground.


If any of you are interested in the forever living products or about joining my team then please do feel free to send me any questions you may have.



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