Have you ever heard of a PUPP box?

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Where would you find a company that would allow you the opportunity to try their beauty and wellness products before you buy them? I don’t mean a quick smear of foundation or a squirt of hand cream but actually take the products away with you and test them out in your own home for 48-72 hours with no limit on how much you can use and absolutely no obligation to buy the products.

Well as far as I know Forever living is the one and only company that allows you to do this. Not only that but instead of just lending you the one product you may have an interest in we lend you the whole box of goodies for you to have a play around with, we call this our PUPP box (personal use product pact).

They may vary from one business owner to another but in mine at the moment I have

Heat lotion


Forever lips

Jojoba shampoo

Jojoba conditioner

Aloe lotion

Aloe scrub

Aloe moisturising lotion

Aloe vera gelly

Propolis cream

Forever bright tooth gel and

Aloe hand and face soap.

That’s an incredible 12 full size products for you to try in the comfort of your own home.

If you live near Chester and would like to try these out then

Get in touch and I can drop them off for you, have a little pamper and then I’ll pick them up 2-3 days later.


What do you think of this idea?

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