My trip to the Very dresses event in Liverpool

very dresses

Last week I attended the very dresses event in Liverpool and was asked to create a poem about my experience. Poetry is not my strong point but here goes…….



One of the best things about blogging is an event,very dresses

most of mine are usually aimed at the boys.

We go  out for the day, or even the night,

and eat food and play with plenty of toys.


But last week was totally different,

an invite arrived from Very.

It was addressed to me and not the boys,

and this made me feel rather merry.very dresses


It was the Christmas dress preview event,

with shoes, bags and sparkles galore.

I was floating in a girlie heaven,

I simply couldn’t have asked for more!


There were dresses for every occasion,

every body shape catered for too.

I couldn’t pick just one favorite,very dresses

so I’ll send my list to you know who!


I would like to say thank you to Very,

for making me feel like a girl,

for the make over, the cake and the wine,

I had a blast, an absolute whirl.


So if you need to shop for a dressvery dresses

of buy a gift for the love of your life

head straight over to Very right now,

and you will have one very happy wife.




(Very invited me to their event in exchange for a blog post).

very dresses


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