Exploring Moral Values with Your Child

Moral values can instil a lot more confidence, positivity and healthy relationships in your child. It’s also what makes children grow to be more mature, developed and clever individuals as well as showing children what’s right and what’s wrong.

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In this guide from a private nursery in Surrey, we look at the ways to explore moral values with your child.

Provide lessons on good manners

From a young age you can start building good manners in your child by practicing words like “please” and “thank you” to help them understand what’s right and what’s wrong to say. They can continue to use these phrases repeatedly to help them as they grow older and to understand how they make others feel when they use them.


Children often model how they say and view things based on what their parents do, so aim to be respectful and kind in front of them.

Show a strong work ethic and responsibility

When they’re of an appropriate age, give them the chance to do some work around the home and have a level of independence of their own. Having the chance for your child to do work around the home gives them a big level of responsibility and a way of promoting a work ethic in a good way. They’re understanding how the home is run and what work needs to be done in order to keep a clean home and a sense of purpose to your days.

Be honest in front of your child

Have open and honest conversations in front of your children. It gives them the knowledge that they feel being honest gives them the idea that you’re being rewarded for being yourself, being honest and offering openness. Show them that being dishonest can mean consequences in the future. It’s a good habit to get into that honesty is the best policy, and remind your child of that on a regular basis.