Rocket building in Port Sunlight

One of the things that I love about my blog is you guys. The ones that take the time to read the posts and then message me or comment. A couple of weeks ago I published our summer wish list of activities and later that day I received a message from a friend who had read the list and thought we might be interested in a near by event and I am so glad she did.


On our list was “Build a rocket” and although I try and get my craft on with the kids it is definitely not my strong point and this wasn’t something I was particularly looking forward to. So when I opened a message from a friend saying she knew of a rocket building event about 30 minutes from my house I couldn’t believe it.


A couple of days later we drove over to a little village called Port Sunlight for rocket building were we were greeted by a man who told us all about the local soap makers Unilever and how they had donated the bottles for the rockets.  I think I found the talk more interesting than the boys did as they just wanted to start building but they stood and listened patiently, whilst sneaking glances around the room at rival rockets.

The activity cost £1.50 per child and for that each child was given an empty bottle and sat down at a table covered in rocket related pictures, coloured paper, pipe cleaners and sparkly bits and pieces to get them started.


We stayed for about 45 minutes and left all the mess behind us (yay for organised events), the boys had a really good time and I think you will agree the rockets are pretty impressive for two children with an unimaginative parent.

20632662_10155915736707697_28167834_n             20732880_10155928571092697_624381822_n

If you are stuck for ideas this summer it is always worth searching for local events as you may just be surprised with what is on offer.

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