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Connetix Tiles are award winning creative and educational toys designed to help your child with STEAM related skills. They are clear and durable plastic shapes that come in a variety of vibrant colours, each with magnetic strips around the edges meaning they can easily connect to one another to allow your child to build freely. They are suitable from age 3 with no upper age restrictions as you will only be limited by your imagination.

connetix tiles

Our review of the Connetix Tiles

We were sent the 50 piece Connetix Transport Pack which retails as £69 and contains

  • 1 x Train/Truck
  • 2 x Car Bases
  • 3 x Equilateral triangles
  • 3 x Right angle triangles
  • 2 x Isosceles triangles
  • 15 x Door pieces
  • 4 x Small square pieces
  • 2 x Window pieces
  • 18 x Rectangles
  • Idea Booklet

The set is aimed at those aged 3 and over so the perfect toy for Layla who is now 3 and a half. As soon as we unboxed the set she loved the bright colours and different shapes, listing them all for me and splitting them up between us so we could play together.

connetix tiles

Despite never having played with Connetix Tiles before she instinctively knew what to do and started using the train base to create a train with windows and a roof. She found them very easy to use and was happy connecting them together and then taking them apart and starting again when she changed her mind. The fact she could do this with ease and do it quickly meant there was no frustrations at all when her ideas didn’t go to plan and she never had to ask for help.

connetix tiles

From a a parents point of view the connetix tiles are great for educational fun. Your child may think they are simply playing but they are practising there fine motor skills, learning about magnets, using their imagination and being active problem solvers, all in an enjoyable manner.

This pack was the transport pack and although we started building trains and cars this quickly changed to animals and castles, amongst other things, and the little book that comes with it is great for sparking those ideas if and your are child are struggling with what to build next. It really is a toy with endless possibilities and one that can be used over and over again in different ways or tied in with different themes to help promote learning if you are a home educator.

Overall we were very impressed with the Connetix Tiles and I am sure they will become a firm favourite in this house.

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