Win with Smiggle and The Strawberry Fountain

This week is National Stationary week. There seriously is a “National Week” for everything these days (in fact I think there should be a national The Strawberry Fountain day haha).  Some of these days are random, weird and just plain odd but I must admit I quite like the idea of a stationery week as I do class myself as a bit of a stationery geek. My office is full of coloured pens, notebooks, to do lists, white boards and highlighters galore, not to mention the pretty files, colourful clips and themed pencil cases. I can rarely walk past a stationery shop without picking something up and love using actual pens and paper over online lists and diary’s any day.


So in honour of National Stationery week The Strawberry Fountain have teamed up with Smiggle, one of my favourite stationery shops in the whole word, to offer you the chance to win a fabulous and colourful prize bundle.


The prize bundle will contain

  • 1 friends calculator (in pink or blue)
  • 1 Triple pencil case kit which includes 18 markers, 17 colouring pencils, pencils, pens, ruler, sharpener and eraser (pink or blue)
  • and an ice cream dreamy jotter

the strawberry fountain


All you have to do is follow the rafflecopter instructions and tell me who you would share this prize with, or of course you can opt to keep it for yourself.

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76 thoughts on “Win with Smiggle and The Strawberry Fountain”

  1. I know my daughter would love this! but I do love stationery too 😀 x

  2. My daughter, just like all the other girls in her class, she is obsessed!

  3. My daughter loves Smiggle and stationary and would love this prize

  4. I would share this lovely prize with my 10 yr old niece – she loves Smiggle!

  5. I would share with my daughter who is the biggest smiggle fan!

  6. my sons are who i would share with x

  7. My lovely niece. She would adore it.

  8. My daughters, all 3 of them adore smiggles !!

  9. My Smiggle Mad daughter Mollie!

  10. I would share it with my niece, we both love colourful stationary 🙂

  11. I would share it with my friend Helen

  12. Ooooo I love stationary! My step daughter would love this

  13. My daughter would love this for school x

  14. My two kids would have to share it.

  15. My daughter would like this, shes always eyeing up Smiggle shops as we walk past!

  16. I would share with my two nieces, as they deserve a surprise treat.

  17. My lovely little boy would enjoy this prize with me.

  18. My beautiful granddaughter. Thanks for the entry x

  19. My eldest son would love this, he’s just started taking his own bits to school 🙂

  20. My beautiful daughters as they both amazing

  21. I would share with my niece. Thanks for the competition.

  22. My niece, as she’s crazy about Smiggle – loves the bright colours.

  23. My eldest daughter, she is Smiggle obsessed, as are all her friends. I’ve always been a stationary hoarder, she must’ve inherited it from me!

  24. My niece (probably!) but mainly me!

  25. I would share with my niece who is starting school in August.

  26. i would share with my daughter Belle, she would just adore these products

  27. Our youngest would love this as she cannot walk past Smiggle store without going in.

  28. My partners Daughter, Ruby. She is a budding artist.

  29. Who would you share your prize with if you own?

    my grandsons

  30. I would share it with my grandaughter. she would love it.

  31. I’d love to share it with my little girl

  32. My daughter would go crazy for some Smiggle stationary.

  33. would love to share this prize with my daughter

  34. Santa – he knows the Smiggle fan(s) in the family!

  35. I would love to win and share my prizes with my wonderful daughter!

  36. My great-niece would get to share it I think.

  37. I would share this with my nephew make a smashing pressie for him

  38. My daughter would be thrilled to get this

  39. with my daughter, she loves anything in pink

  40. As my daughter loves Smiggle and their cool and colourful stuff, I’d share the prize with her if I was the lucky one!

  41. My 8 year old Son is desperate for Smiggle stuff so a perfect prize for him!!

  42. My niece Lyla for her birthday. She’s Smiggle mad

  43. My granddaughter Freya would love these as much as me

  44. Would share with my daughter. We are big smiggle fans.

  45. I would give this lovely bundle of stationery to my granddaughter Freyja.

  46. I would share this with my daughter who is Smiggle mad!

  47. my granddaughter Emily who loves all things Smiggle

  48. With my 7 year old, he loves Smiggle products!

  49. My Daughter Georgia – she adores Smiggle!!

  50. I would share this lovely prize with my daughter Heidi 🙂

  51. My daughter, she loves Smiggle .x

  52. My daughter as she absolutely loves Smiggle

  53. I love Smiggle! Great competition for some great prizes 🙂

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