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As we move through September the children are back at school and the weather is starting to turn, which combined together makes one thing inevitable, the sniffles, the coughs and the sneezes are on their way. We can try and prevent this with warm clothing, high standards of hygiene and  a healthy diet but lets be honest, what your little poppets actually do when their at school is anybodies guess and pesky germs can travel from one child to another so quickly that it can often feel like your child is catching every bug possible.

That it why I have teamed up with Haliborange to help protect my boys against germs as much as possible.

Haliborange is a leading children’s healthcare brand that produces supplements aimed specifically at children to help support a healthy diet and lifestyle. There range includes multi viatmins, calcium and vitamin D, Omega 3 and immune boosters, so there is something for every child depending on their specific health needs and best of all they all look and taste like soft chewy sweets making it much easier to convince your child to take them everyday.

For us the Omega 3 are a firm favourite as the boys love the taste and I love the fact that I am able to help support their brain function as they start their school journey without fighting to get them to eat fish on a weekly basis. Which ones would you try first?

Competition Time

I have teamed up with Haliborange to give you the chance to WIN a Mr Men or Little Miss bundle of goodies.

competition prize

You will win

  • A pencil case
  • A lunch box
  • A water bottle
  • Felt tip pens
  • Pencil case
  • stickers
  • rubbers
  • 3 months supply of Haliborange Vitamins

For your chance to win to enter via the raffle copter and tell us which Mr men or Little Miss character your little one is most like and why.

Good luck

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One winner will receive a selection of  EITHER the Mr Men OR Little Miss goodies as listed above from Haliborange

Contest is open until Sunday 17th September 2017

Distribution of  prizes is the responsibility of  Haliborange 

The Strawberry Fountain cannot be held responsible for lost prizes

This post was written in collaboration with Haliborange – all opinions are my own

All winner decisions are final – the winner has 48 hours to claim or a new winner will be drawn

UK Entrants Only

115 thoughts on “Win with Haliborange and The Strawberry Fountain”

  1. My little one is like Little Miss Chatterbox, she def takes after me!

  2. Mr Grumpy because my son thinks his stepdad is also grumpy haha. x

  3. I love Mr Bump as it reminds me of my boyfriend as he’s always having accidents and bumping into things 🙂

  4. little miss sunshine she is so like my granddaughter

  5. Mr grumpy because he Grump’s a lot lol x

  6. My daughter is Little Miss Bossy, she keeps telling me what to do and how to do it all the time.

  7. Little Miss Sunshine as she always brightens my day x

  8. Mr Fussy because he likes everything just the way he likes it!

  9. My son is like Mr Happy as he always has a smile on his face and people always comment how happy he is when we are out

  10. Little miss hugs or Mr Grumpy – depending on how shes feeling! I love BOTH!

  11. Mr Bump because he’s learning to crawl!

  12. My granddaughter is like Little Miss Giggles

  13. I have a little mish chatterbox, who will talk to anyone and everyone and does not even stop for breath

  14. My niece loves Miss Giggles as she is always laughing

  15. Which Mr Men or Little Miss character is your little one like and why? . . . Mr Bump . . . . self explanatory ha ha

  16. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize for charity, to go to Romania.

  17. My granddaughter is Little Miss Sunshine as she lights up our lives

  18. Mr Happy – always laughing and making every smile.

  19. Little Miss Chatterbox, that was me growing up and my 5 year old son inherited that trait from me. The Mr Men series taught me to value all differences in people.

  20. Mr Messy – speaks for itself lol. A boy who seems incapable of tidying up!

  21. Mrs (Mr) bump so clumsy always getting hurt

  22. my daughter is like little miss chatterbox

  23. My granddaughters just like little miss chatterbox as she is always talking

  24. My grandson is like Mr Busy as he is always on the go.

  25. little miss chatterbox! obvious reasons lol

  26. My daughter is known as Little Miss Princess as my other half has called her this from been little 🙂

  27. my nephew is a mr chatterbox he never shuts up

  28. Little miss chatterbox because rufus loves talking!

  29. ha my son is like mr grumpy cos he can be very grumpy

  30. My son reminds me of mr bump, he is so clumsy!

  31. My Grandson is like Mr Greedy as he is always hungry

  32. My favourite is Mr Bump because he’s clumsy like my husband.

  33. Little Miss Chatterbox because she never stops talking.

  34. Little Miss Chatterbox because that is who my niece is!

  35. Little Miss Sunshine – a little ray of happiness! Who can’t love that!

  36. Little miss chatterbox,as when i was read to as a child,i thought it was based on me x

  37. Little Miss Giggles cos she’s always Giggling

  38. Definitely little miss chatterbox she doesn’t stop talking 🙂

  39. My daughter is Little Miss Chatterbox as she’s only quiet when she’s asleep (& not sleeptalking!)

  40. Little miss chatterbox my daughter never stops talking

  41. The smile makes Little Miss Sunshine!

  42. usually mr messy but this weekend she is mr bump x been ill and clumsy all weekend x

  43. Mr Tickle, because he loves being tickled !

  44. Mr Bump reminds me of my youngest!

  45. Definitely Little Miss Chatterbox for sure as she is such a lively little girl who talks constantly!

  46. little miss sunshine, because she is always so happy

  47. mr messy…. he just cant stay clean, or tidy up

  48. Little miss messy because I can’t keep my house tidy!

  49. Little Miss Chatterbox, because she is so chatty!

  50. Mr Bump by far!! hes always got a slip fromt he school for a trip or fal and some random injury!

  51. Mr Grumpy he says it reminds him of his dad

  52. Mr. Happy because he is always smiling

  53. My son is Mr Chatterbox because he never stops talking

  54. Mr Bump, he keeps bumping into things

  55. Oh, gosh, it is Mr Messy without a doubt.

  56. Little Miss Giggles – she has a gorgeous laugh that makes me laugh too!

  57. My daughter is like Little Miss Chatterbox as she cannot stop talking.

  58. They like mr muddle – because the things he gets confused are really funny!

  59. Mr Cheerful because he has a knack of making everyone cheerful, his teachers at nursery say he is cheerful to all the children and teachers alike.

  60. My little boy is like mr bump, hes always bumping into things

  61. My youngest one is Little miss sunshine and her older sister is Little miss chatterbox 🙂

  62. My baby Charlie is mr.bump because he bumps into everything my daughter Sheriah is miss chatterbox

  63. Mr happy as he always cheers you up

  64. mr bump cos she is clumsy too haha

  65. Little Miss Chatterbox, she is me to a tee!

  66. Little Miss Naughty for my two year old Daughter – she is always getting up to no good.

  67. Mr Tickle because of his long tickly arms!

  68. My four year old daughter is definitely Little Miss Fussy, especially when it comes to food!!

  69. He is like Mr Muddle – he gets everything back to front

  70. Mr Tickle because she loves a little tickle

  71. Little Miss Chatterbox, I think she models herself on her!

  72. My daughter is Little Miss Chatterbox! She never stops talking.

  73. Mr Bump, always bumping into things!

  74. My Son is a Mr Bump I’m afraid! Always falling over and bumping into things!

  75. Got to be little miss chatterbox 🙂

  76. Little miss chatterbox – morning noon and night my daughter has something to chat to me about haha

  77. Definitely Mr Tickle, he does it to everyone!

  78. Mr Messy because he’s pink and that’s my daughter Charlie’s fav colour

  79. My son is like Mr Bump. He is forever having accidents at school. I once signed the accident book nine times in eleven days

  80. Mr Rush because he’s always on the go here there and everywhere!

  81. Little Miss Chatterbox …My daughter is 1 and is always chatting and laughing

  82. Little Miss Star, just like my little girl

  83. Little Miss Sunshine because my daughter’s favourite colour is Yellow and like the character she is always happy and cheerful!!

  84. Definitely like Mr Clumsy because he is always falling over and spilling things.

  85. Little Miss Sunshine, as my daughter is my ray of sunshine

  86. She’s a combination of little Miss Grumpy, Messy, Sunshine and Bossy!

  87. Little miss chatterbox – self explanatory

  88. My daughter is Little Miss Chatterbox, she never stops talking!!

  89. My eldest son is Mr Grumpy, my other son is Mr Fussy and my two younger girls are Little Miss Bossy heheh

  90. Little Miss Sunshine – she is always so happy

  91. My little girl is little miss Chatterbox, she never stops talking!

  92. Mr Silly, were very daft in our family

  93. Little Miss Happy she’s always happy and wants to make others happy

  94. Little miss sunshine ☀️ …always happy…most of the time!

  95. Little miss naughty! hehe always up to something x x

  96. Little miss princess. She love all the Disney princess and wants to be Rapunzel.

  97. Little Miss Sunshine, cheery, happy, brightens up our days.

  98. Little miss giggles as she’s always laughing

  99. Mr Bump – because he’s always knocking into things!

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