WIN – A Dr Brown’s Milkflow Breast Pump

In honour of Breastfeeding Awareness Week we are running a series of competitions that are perfect for new mums or mums to be. Today’s competition is running in conjunction with Baby Central who are renowned for offering big brand names at fantastic prices offering everything you need from pregnancy to weaning and beyond.  On offer today is the chance to get your hands on one of these Dr Brown’s Milkflow one-piece Breast Pumps usually priced at £10.99.

dr browns milkflow


The Dr Brown’s Milkflow one-piece breast pump is a fantastic hands free pump that gently draws out the milk from one breast as you feed with the other which prevents any milk wastage whilst feeding and allows you to save every last drop of the liquid gold. The Dr Brown’s Milkflow is 100% silicon making it feel nice and soft against the breast and is silent and discreet so perfect for use when at home or when out and about.  It also has an easy pour design which means you can quickly and safely transfer the milk to a bottle and feed immediately if needed or save for later if you prefer and if you can’t transfer straight away no worries as it also comes with a very useful  storage cap.


The set includes not just the one-piece pump but also an anti-colic bottle, a storage cap and a travel bag. If you can’t wait to see if you are a winner then why not treat yourself to one today from Baby Central and use code STRAWB10 for 10% off everything on their website.

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15 thoughts on “WIN – A Dr Brown’s Milkflow Breast Pump”

  1. Always bring your baby to the breast and let them latch themselves

  2. Try to do skin to skin breastfeeding as often as you are able too, especially if baby is hunger crying beforehand as this will calm baby right down and make the breastfeeding easier.

  3. feed when the baby wants, and not when you think you should

  4. Just be patient and baby will feed

  5. Make sure you have a comfy pillow and a calming environment

  6. Relax – baby can sense if you are dressed.

  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for experienced help if you need it.

  8. My partner says that it’s important to get as comfortable as you can, and spend some money on good nipple creams!

  9. Make sure you have comfortable support xx

  10. make sure you are sitting comfortably and let your baby latch themselves dont try to force it. also alternate between breasts to give each nipple a break.

  11. It’s all about patience and drinking lots of water.

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