Circus Extreme Manchester | Review

Last night we had a three generation family night out to watch Circus Extreme at Event City in Manchester. This was the first time we had been to see this show and I wasn’t too sure what to expect and as it started at 7:45pm I was a little worried it might be too late for the boys and they might fall asleep mid show. However, I needn’t have worried as they were absolutely transfixed from start to finish and so engaged there was no chance of a little mid show nap. The big’un couldn’t take his eyes of the climbers and jumpers and I could see that wistful look in eyes as he started to plan his future in the circus, where as the tiddler couldn’t take his eyes off the ladies and well, the less said about that wistful look in his eyes the better!

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Circus Extreme isn’t like the ones I remember from my childhood but then I guess it is called Circus Extreme for a reason and times have changed. This one takes all the key elements and ramps them up a few hundred feet, literally. One act was similar to one I remembered from Blackpool where they balance on various objects and wiggle and jiggle but somehow stay upright, except the extreme version is that they do this whilst on a platform that must be at least 5 feet off the floor, making any small mistake 10 times more dangerous.

circus extreme

The entire show was full of death-defying acts and I don’t use that term loosely. I genuinely believe that they were defying the laws of physics, it was as if gravity didn’t exist in the circus ring and they could just float safely above us whilst riding a bike across a tightrope. Yes, you read that correctly, they rode a bike across a tightrope, mid air, with someone stood on their shoulders! I couldn’t ride a bike on the path like that but here these guys are doing it like it’s no big deal, which I guess to them it isn’t. But to me? Well, I’m still shocked that no one died.

Oh and whilst I think about defying the laws of gravity let me also mention that one rather flexible lady also manages to defy the laws of biology. Her body bent in ways it shouldn’t and at one point I physically gasped and closed my eyes as I waited for a scream that never came as she bent her leg in such a way that I was convinced she must have snapped the bone, apparently not.

circus extreme

Now this all sounds fascinating and believe me it was but for someone with a naturally nervous disposition who constantly risk assess every situation and has a ready made contingency plan for most emergencies  “just in case”, it made for an unnerving evening. I was quite literally sat on the edge of my seat with my stomach churning, mouth open, staring in disbelief and praying no one would get injured, whilst simultaneously calculating how far we were from the nearest hospital should anyone need it.

I truly wonder whether their parents have seen the show.

I sure hope the big’un doesn’t forfill his latest dream to join them as I’m not sure my heart could take it.

In regards to the overall show the acts were varied throughout but all of them had an element of danger involved, would they fall? Would they set themselves on fire? or would they do themselves a mischief in the most unfortunate of places?

All except one act that is, the clown.

Every circus needs a clown and this one sure had an active one, he was in the ring one minute and on the seat in front of us throwing his popcorn around the next. He was a great sense of light entertainment to give the heart a little break between other acts, well, unless your like my mum of course, who actually turned to me at one point and said

“That clown makes me more nervous than anything else!”

“Why?” I asked through laughter as I knew exactly what she was thinking

“I’m not going up there if asks me to, I can say no can’t I? I will say no”

So just a little heads up,  whilst most people are enjoying the light relief of the cheeky clown, the man himself is trying to lull you into a false sense of security before he pounces on innocent victims participants for his show, so if that’s not for you do not make eye contact, I repeat, do not make eye contact with the clown. However, I must say a huge well done to everyone that did get roped in whilst we were there last night as they were all incredibly good sports and it was hilarious to watch.

Overall what did I think of Circus Extreme?

I think it was truly incredible, breathtakingly impressive and an absolute must see for the whole family, so go grab some tickets.

Any negatives for Circus Extreme?

Hmmm in parts I felt like the ladies were in danger of catching pneumonia  as most had forgotten to get dressed and in a world of equality it seems only fair that if we are going to sexually objectify women in shows like this then perhaps, just maybe, we should be objectifying those rather strong, yet fully dressed men too. But what do I know?

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(My family and I were invited to watch circus extreme in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own).