thank the teachers with postsnap

You might remember that I ordered some fathers day cards from postnap earlier this year, well they have now added thank you cards designed specifically for teachers. What a fab way to say thank you with a personalised card, especially for someone like me who if you follow this blog you will know is a sucker for anything that has been personalised. There are lots of options available, I chose to upload a picture of my little boy and name the teacher on the front, then on the inside I wrote a little poem and my sons name. Hopefully it will be something she can keep for years to come as she has taught him for the last three years and we will all miss her terribly.


Postsnap are a great company with great customer service and the thing I like best is that you can download the app to your mobile making it so quick and easy to create the cards and you can have them delivered to any address for no added cost and although it is an app it still has a quick and safe checkout incorporating Apple Pay and Paypal to make you feel safe when purchasing your cards.

My fathers day cards arrived within two days and were fantastic quality with clear pictures printed on glossy card like you would expect from a high end card company.

If you would like to treat your childs teacher to a personalised card down load the app postsnap now and use code TEACHERs for a 20% discount.


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