Gel-a-peel do geletines

You all know how much we love Gel-a-peel in this house, the boys are crazy for the stuff, especially the tiddler. He has made a t-shirt with a gold ice cream on it, bracelets, necklaces and even a pair of earrings for me (which he insisted I wore for an entire day). So when we were asked if we would like to make some valentines day cards with gel-a-peel and instantly had two thoughts


  1. The boys will love this
  2. How on earth is this going to work.

Well it turns out that the gel will dry and stick to pretty much anything and everything including pieces of card. So all we and to do was a design the cards and then carefully create them using the gel and leave them to dry as normal before gifting them to our valentines.


What is also pretty awesome with these sets is that they come with stencils and moulds so you don’t need to worry of you are artistically challenged like me because there’s a back up plan. Now in the past we have just filled the moulds and waited for them to dry and had little shapes of gel, what we hadn’t realised was that you can wait till they are semi dry and remove them and pop them on the card to finish drying or attach them using a small amount of  gel underneath which will dry and hold the shaped gel perfectly in place. Of course if you are pretty artistic yourself you won’t need the moulds or stencils and you can just go free style straight onto the card.

It looks like gel-a-peel has more and more uses and although I didn’t receive one of these gelatines cards I have a sneaking suspicion my Mothers Day, birthday and Christmas cards may contain just a smidge of gel seen as the boys now know hey can use it to make cards.


The gel-a-peel range is ever growing and you can get them in a variety of colours. After my recent feedback in a previous review about them being aimed at girls I am pleased to see at least a slight change with this one having blues and pinks, hopefully it wont be long until they include male models on the boxes showing how creative fun can be had by any gender. In the meantime we will still continue to create just about anything we can with our gel-apeel  sets.


(we were sent a box of gel-a-peel to review. All opinions are my own).

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