Do your children like the Fingerlings toys?


My youngest is animal mad. It doesn’t matter whether they are real animals, stuffed teddies or animal like toys, if he can cuddle it, stroke, pet it and generally look after it then he is in his element. So much so it is probably safe to say at this stage he is either going to grow up to be a vet or the equivalent of a crazy cat lady with a house full of pets.


Anyway his love for animal toys means that he is a big fan of fingerlings, he currently has a monkey and a T-Rex that live together in a shoe box kitted out with toilette paper duvets and pillows. So you can imagine his absolute delight when a new one arrived and he was told he could add it to his collection, although we are now on the hunt for a bigger house/box for them all to live in!


The new additional is the cutest baby narwhal called Nicky, in a pale green with pink glittery fins and a light up magic horn. It can hold on to your finger and has a magic motion sensor that makes the horn change colour and the fin move. It makes several different noises that are adorable, one sounds like it says hello, another sounds like the sound of the sea and if you hang it upside down I’m pretty sure it burps at you! It also has the ability to make a “mwah” kissing noise when ever you touch it’s mouth, which lets face it is a dream come true for any child who truly loves their toys.


The fingerlings are a huge hit in our house and I feel they are perfect for children that have a good imagination and can use them in role play and creative play scenarios because as stand alone toys they don’t necessarily “do” much but as I said my son loves them and will play with them for ages.


For me the baby narwhal is the cutest fingerling we have seen yet and is going to be well loved in our house. The only thing I find disappointing is that the packaging is very much aimed at girls with separate pictures on the box all featuring a girl playing with the toy when there is no rule that says this can’t be enjoyed by boys too, just because it has a bit of sparkle on the fins. In fact the sparkle of the fins was one of the first things my son pointed out as being cute and although it clearly hasn’t put him off it does concern me that it would put other children off or worse yet put parents off buying it for their son.


Another great thing about the fingerling toysthat I just have to point out is that they comes with batteries included which means they are ready to be played with immediately and it doesn’t require any mad dash to the shop, which from the parents point of view makes life a lot easier.


The whole fingerlings collections are available on amazon and the baby narwhal is only £14.99 and would make a great birthday party gift idea.


(We were gifted a fingerling in exchange for an honest review).

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